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Dr. Olson

Guest Opinion: Dentists Unite to Defeat a Proposed Tax on Dental Providers in Illinois

Written by: Dr. Lauren Hood Olson

We have some wonderful news to share! The proposed special tax on dental providers in Illinois has been defeated, thanks to the collective action and unwavering support of ISDS. This remarkable achievement highlights the strength and impact of our united voice.

Protecting Dental Providers:

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) had proposed a new "assessment" tax on all dental providers, including those not participating in the Medicaid program. This tax aimed to generate additional funding for the Medicaid Program, potentially burdening dental providers with extra financial strain to fund the Medicaid program. However, our active involvement and outreach efforts made our elected officials hear our concerns. Together, we stood against this unfair taxation, protecting the interests of dental professionals across Illinois.

Reasons for Opposition:

ISDS opposed this tax for several compelling reasons that resonated with our elected representatives.

  • First, dentists would have been the only individual providers taxed under the Medicaid program, placing an unfair burden solely on our profession.
  • Second, dental providers have already faced escalating costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this proposed tax would have further exacerbated the financial challenges they already face.
  • Third, ISDS has tirelessly worked towards enhancing access to care for patients in the Medicaid program, but taxing providers is not a sustainable solution to achieve this goal.
  • Lastly, Illinois dentists already contribute their fair share of taxes to support state programs, making an additional tax on dental providers unjust and unfair.
Impact on Dental Providers:

The defeat of this proposed tax is a significant victory for the dental community in Illinois. It prevents increased financial burdens on dental providers, ensures fair treatment across healthcare professions, and acknowledges the challenges dental practices face after the COVID-19 pandemic. By defeating this proposal, we have assured that dental professionals can continue to provide accessible and quality dental care to our patients.

The Power of Advocacy:

Your advocacy efforts, including contacting your elected officials and sharing your concerns, made an enormous impact. By expressing our collective stance against this harmful tax, we successfully protected dental professionals' interests and preserved our practices' financial stability. This victory reinforces the value of your membership in the Illinois State Dental Society. It highlights the strength of our united voice in advocating for the betterment of our profession and the dental community.

Moving Forward:

We extend our most profound appreciation for your active participation and dedication to safeguarding our profession. If you have any questions or would like to further engage in our advocacy efforts, please get in touch with Lindsay Wagahoff. Together, we will continue to shape a brighter future for dentistry in Illinois.