Request for Waiver of Membership Dues
A full or partial waiver is available to a member in good standing whose circumstances have resulted in a severe financial hardship, including temporary or permanent disability, catastrophe, parental leave or medical illness. All applicants should complete Section 1 of the Request for Waiver of Membership Dues Form.  Applicants requesting a waiver due to Financial Hardship should complete Section 2, including the request for financial information. Applicants requesting a waiver because of Disability should have Section 3 completed by their physician.

Disability Waiver
A Disability Waiver is granted to a member who is totally disabled for a period of at least one year, and who is unable to engage in the duties of the dental profession. The dentist must be a member in good standing at the time total disability occurred. These members are exempt from the payment of dues and any assessments during the period of total disability.

Members with a permanent disability and who have been approved for a disability waiver do not have to reapply to continue their waiver status. A temporary disability waiver is granted for one year, and a member must reapply each year if necessary.

Temporary Waivers
Upon meeting certain criteria, an ISDS member may be granted temporary exemption from payment of dues.

Members on Relief. A member receiving assistance from the Relief Fund is automatically granted temporary exemption from payment of dues. To find out more about his, contact​ the ISDS Foundation.

Members in Federal Dental Service. An active member temporarily on active duty with a federal dental service on a non-career basis is exempt from payment of dues during the period of such duty.

Members Suffering Hardship. A member in good standing who has suffered a significant financial hardship that prohibits payment of full dues may be excused from the payment of 50%, 75%, or all of the current year's active member dues as determined by the member's component dental society.  This may include new dental school graduates.

All waivers are handled with utmost discretion. The names and financial information about members requesting waivers will not be included in meeting minutes or other documents available to the general membership.

Questions on waivers?  Contact Danielle Williams, Membership Concierge, at 800/475-4737.