Basic Intraoral Radiographic Techniques

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Clinical Certification Course for Dental Auxiliary
Target Audience: Dental Assistants
Registration for this course ends two weeks prior to the course start date.

$​​295 ISDS Member dentist staff
$​525 Non-member dentist staff

Instructors: Dr. Dixon

This course is designed for dental auxiliaries who wish to refine their fundamental radiographic skills, whether for a film-based or digital system on both adult and pediatric patients.  The course consists of 1-2 hours lecture, followed by hands-on clinical participation on radiographic mannequins for the remainder of the course.  The SIU-SDM radiology department has seven operatories and is equipped with intraoral film and digital sensors, and digital capture for panoramic and lateral cephalometric images.

Topics to Be Discussed:
  • Review and Mastery of Radiographic Hygiene
  • Review of Radiographic Selection Criteria
  • Review and Mastery of the Paralleling and Bisected Angle Techniques
  • Review and Mastery of Panoramic and Lateral Cephalometric Techniques
  • Mastery of the use of various film/sensor holders, including the XCP® system and Snap-A-Ray®
  • Ability to modify the intraoral technique for specific situations, such as narrow palate and small mouth
  • Ability to acquire radiographic images for localization purposes, such as endodontic files
  • Ability to critically evaluate intraoral and extraoral images