House of Delegates

The Society's House of Delegates consists of dentists chosen to represent their local component dental societies. The number from each component is based upon total membership and multiples of 75. Additionally, the Dean and one student from each of the dental schools chartered in the State of Illinois and two dental hygiene members of the Society one from the Chicago district and one from the rest of the state may serve as delegates to the House. The Credentials Committee verifies the validity of each delegate's credentials and oversees the seating of the delegates. The elected and appointed officers and trustees of the Society are ex-officio members of the House of Delegates without voting privileges.

Responsibilities of the House of Delegates include:

  • Establishing policy for the Society.
  • Acting on all resolutions submitted by the Board of Trustees, component societies, or individual members.
  • Enacting, amending or revoking charters of the component societies.
  • Electing honorary members, granting awards, and approving memorials in the name of the Society.
  • Creating special committees.
  • Adopting an annual budget for the following year.
  • Electing the Society's officers, as well as the Speaker and Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates.
  • Removing an elected officer from office for cause.

In order to conduct the business of the Society, there must be a majority of the elected delegates present at any meeting of the House. The House meets during the Illinois State Dental Society's Annual Session.

For more information regarding the ISDS House of Delegates, contact Tara Conway at 217/525-1406.
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