Board of Trustees Meetings

The ISDS Board of Trustees consists of five officers and 14 trustees. The elected officers are the President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Candidates for officers and trustees alternate between the Chicago district and the other districts within Illinois. The succession of officers is Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, President-elect and President. Each downstate district elects a trustee to serve a three-year term, while the Chicago district elects seven trustees. Terms of downstate and Chicago trustees are staggered. The slate of officers and trustees is presented to the ISDS House of Delegates for vote each September during the ISDS Annual Session.

The ISDS Board of Trustees meets in March, June, September and December to conduct business. Here is a schedule of upcoming meetings and locations: 

2022 Meetings:
March 18:  (Friday at 8am) Virtual 
June 9 (Thursday at 6pm) Springfield
June 10 (Friday at 8:30am) Springfield
September 8 (Thursday at 7am) Normal
September 10 (Saturday) Normal
December 8 (Thursday 12pm lunch,1pm mtg start) Springfield
December 8 (Thursday at 6pm) Springfield
December 9 (Friday at 8:30am) Springfield 

If you are on the Board of Trustees and inquiring about meeting materials, click here.