Staff & Headquarters

The Illinois State Dental Society is headquartered in the state's capital city of Springfield. Members are always welcome to visit their dental society headquarters in downtown Springfield.

Illinois State Dental Society
1010 South Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62704


Eric Larson, Executive Director

​The Executive Director's primary responsibilities include working with the elected leadership of ISDS, developing budgets, staff administration, and overseeing the welfare of the Society's programs and services. This individual frequently represents the Society and its policies to outside interests, including government, media, and public and private agencies. ​The Executive Director is an official spokesperson for ISDS.

Tara Conway, Executive Assistant

​Tara provides administrative support to the Executive Director and Associate Executive Director.  ​She assists the Government Relations Department, Component Relations and the ISDS Foundation.

Contact ​Tara about:

  • Board of Trustees
  • House of Delegates
  • Board Retreat
  • Member Awards
  • Component Services​
  • PAC reporting
  • Position Papers
  • Committee Reports

Misty Glass, Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Misty provides administrative support to all departments.  ​She answers and triages phone calls, greets visitors, delivers mail to staff, and assist the entire office with special projects.

Contact Misty about: 
  • Classified Ads
  • ISDS Master Calendar of Events
  • ISDS ​Career Center
  • Inquiries on ISDS history
  • Illinois Dentists Salute


claire web

Claire Griffith, Membership Manager

Claire is responsible for membership recruitment and retention activities and managing the membership records. Contact Claire about:

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • New Dentists
  • Dental Students
  • Auxiliary Members

Danielle Williams, Member​ Relations Assistant

Contact Danielle for:

  • Applications & Waivers
  • Retirement Processing
  • Transfers
  • Verify Membership Levels
  • Renewal Packets
  • RDH Cards
  • List Serve Updates

Government Relations


Dave Marsh, Director

In coordination with the ISDS legislative team, Dave represents dentistry before the Illinois legislature. He and the Government Relations Committee determine the ISDS legislative agenda each year. Dave also represents the Society before the State Board of Dentistry and other state regulatory bodies, and serves as staff liaison to DENT-IL-PAC, and the Allied Dental Personnel Committee. Contact Dave about: 

  • Illinois Dental Practice Act and Regulations
  • State Legislative and Regulatory Activities
  • DENT-IL-PAC and Governor's Club
  • Peer Review
  • Contract Review
  • Access
  • Third-party payer

Nicholas Honeysett, Public Affairs Administrator

Nicholas provides administrative support for Governmental Relations, assists Communications in writing and disseminating information and assists in planning legislative events and activities.

  • Illinois Dental Practice Act and Regulations Questions
  • State Legislative and Regulatory Activities
  • DENT-IL-PAC and Governor's Club
  • PAC contributions & reports
  • Press & News Releases
  • The Monthly Dental Dispatch e-Newsletter
  • Social Media



Jennifer Walker, Director
Executive Director, ISDS Foundation

Contact Jennifer about:

  • Illinois Dental News
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • ISDS Foundation
  • Text Alert System
  • Broadcast e-mails

Conventions & Continuing Education

Mattea Tavernor

Mattea Tavernor, Conventions & Continuing Education Manager

Mattea is responsible for all meetings of the Society, including Continuing Education courses. 

Contact Mattea about: 

  • Event Registration: Annual Session & Capital Conference
  • ADA Meeting Planning
  • Dental Leaders Conference
  • ISDS Meetings at CDS Midwinter Meeting
  • Registrations and Planning of Expanded Functions Courses
  • Special Veterans Events
  • ISDS Foundation Special Events
  • Online CE Course Assistance



Nic Atkinson, Director

Nic is responsible for all accounting functions of the Society, including consolidation of the annual Society budget, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, meeting expense disbursements, employee benefits, and preparation of monthly and year-end financial statements.

Contact Nic about:

  • Endorsed Vendors
  • Dues
  • Peer Review

Gina Burlingham, Accounting Administrator

Gina provides ​accounting and administrative support to the Finance department. ​​She is responsible for the financial side of membership, including member dues billings, as well as accounts payables and receivables.

Contact Gina about: 
  • Dues Payments & Billings
  • Accounts Payables/Receivables