Distinguished Member


Each year, the Illinois State Dental Society presents the ISDS Distinguished Member Award to a member dentist. This award is bestowed on a colleague who, over the years, has tirelessly made significant contributions to the service of mankind extending the profession of dentistry into civic, cultural, religious, and humanitarian areas.

This award recognizes a member who has exceeded the ordinary with outstanding contributions, thus enhancing the image of organized dentistry. The recipient receives special recognition with a plaque presented at the opening breakfast of ISDS Annual Session and an announcement a the President's Dinner Dance.

ISDS members recognized for their outstanding contributions to dentistry include:

  • 1989​ Dr. Edwin Dale
  • 1990​ Dr. William G. D. Henderson
  • 1992 Dr. Robert Unger
  • 1993 Dr. Harry Melnick
  • 1994 Dr. Edward Schaaf
  • 1995 Dr. John Byrne
  • 1997 Dr. Donald Krzyzak
  • 1998 Dr. Howard Stone
  • 1999 Dr. Charles Fifield
  • 2000 Dr. Charles Johnson
  • 2001 Dr. Peter Paesani
  • 2002 Dr. Jeffrey Socher
  • 2003 Dr. Chauncey Cross
  • 2004 Dr. Walter Lamacki
  • 2005 Dr. Fred Margolis
  • 2006 Dr. D. Milton Salzer
  • 2007 Dr. Clifford Brown
  • 2008 Dr. Samuel J. Cascio
  • 2009 Dr. Leo R. Finley, Jr.
  • 2010 Robert A. Rechner
  • 2011 Dr. Susan Bordenave-Bishop
  • 2012 Dr. Larry W. Osborne
  • 2013 Dr. Paul F. Kattner
  • 2014 Dr. Keith W. Dickey
  • 2015 Dr. Marvin H. Berman
  • 2016 Dr. Frank A. Maggio
  • 2017: Dr. Richard Perry
  • 2018: Dr. Joseph Hagenbruch
  • 2019: Dr. Loren Feldner

Now is the time to be considering potential candidates from your component or branch. Individuals may submit nominations as well. The deadline for submission is June 1. Contact​ the ISDS Headquarters with questions on the nominating process.