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Leadership and strategic direction of the ​ISDS Foundation are provided by the Board of Directors. All of our programs are volunteer-driven and overseen by the Board, committees and sub-committees. These volunteers contribute their energy, ideas and support throughout the year.

Illinois State Dental Society Foundation Officers

Dr. Susan Bordenave Bishop, President
Dr. Thomas E. Sullivan, Vice President
Dr. Timmothy Schwartz, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Dr. Brad Barnes
Dr. Keith W. Dickey
Dr. Gary Fischer
Dr. William B. Hamel III
Dr. Mark Heiss
Dr. Barry Howell
Dr. Michelle Jennings
Dr. Donald G. Kipper
Mr. Ross Kraemer
Dr. David P. Kumamoto
Dr. Christopher Larsen
Dr. Kevin Nelson
Mr. Jerry Ragle
Dr. Peggy A. Richardson
Dr. Brian Soltys
Dr. Joseph Unger
Ms. Tami Wanless
Dr. John R. Williams

Ex-Officio Members
Dr. ​Chris Larsen
   President, ISDS
Mr. Eric Larson
   ISDS Executive Director

ISDS Foundation Executive Director
Ms. Jennifer Walker

Mission of Mercy Coordinator
Ms. Sarah Jensen