Dent-IL-Pac Board of Directors

DENT-IL-PAC's Board of Directors consists of one director designated by:

  • Each downstate component of the Illinois State Dental Society
  • Each branch of the Chicago Dental Society
  • Illinois Academy of General Dentistry
  • Illinois Association of Endodontists
  • Illinois Society of Orthodontists
  • Illinois Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Illinois Society of Periodontists
  • Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists

The Chair of the ISDS Committee on Governmental Affairs, the DENT-IL-PAC membership Chair, the CDS Board Liaison and the ADPAC Trustee are also on the Board. DENT-IL-PAC Directors meet annually at the ISDS Capitol Conference and Annual Session. DENT-IL-PAC officers are the president, president-elect, immediate past-president, secretary/treasurer. They are elected from present voting members of the Board of Directors.


Dr. Barry Howell, President
Dr. Victoria Ursitti, President-Elect
Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson, Secretary/Treasurer


Chicago Dental Society
Dr. Larry White, CDS Kenwood-Hyde Park Branch
Dr. David Rosenbaum, North Suburban Branch
Dr. Spencer Bloom, Northwest Side Branch
Dr. David Behm, North Side Branch
Dr. Michael Unti, Northwest Suburban Branch
Dr. Spencer Pope, South Suburban Branch
Dr. Denise Hale, Southwest Branch
Dr. Susan Zelazo-Smith, West Side Branch
Dr. Mark Ploskonka, West Suburban Branch
Dr. Joseph Unger, CDS Liaison

G.V. Black
Dr. Maggie Schaefer-Gilpin

Danville District
Dr. James Hardy

Decatur District
Dr. Hillarie Ryan Hudson,

Eastern Illinois Dental Society

Fox River Valley
Dr. Frank Maggio

T.L. Gilmer
Dr. Brenden Moon

U.S. Grant
Dr. Chad Reedy

Illini District
Dr. Barry Howell

Illinois Valley
Dr. Brendan Graham

Kankakee District
Dr. Michael Krisko

Madison District
Dr. Gary Fischer

McHenry County
Dr. Richard Osmanski

McLean County
Dr. Keith Evans

Peoria District
Dr. Chris Couri

Prairie Valley
Dr. Sid Smith

Rock Island District
Dr. Christopher Larsen

St. Clair District
Dr. Roxanne Dudovitz

Southern Illinois
Dr. Joseph Hudgins

Wabash River
Dr. Terry Barnfield

Dr. Donald Rastede

Will County
Dr. Vishruti Patel

Winnebago County
Dr. Perry Tuneberg

New Dentists Liaison
Kevin Luan


Legislative Chair
Dr. Larry Osborne

ADPAC Trustee
Dr. Brad Barnes

Membership Chair
Dr. Denise Hale


Illinois Academy of General Dentistry
Dr. Randal Ashton

IL Association of Endodontists
Dr. Michael Mintz

IL Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
Dr. Herbert Stith

IL Society of Orthodontists
Dr. Randall Markarian

IL Society of Pediatric Dentists
Dr. Victoria Ursitti

IL Society of Periodontists
Dr. John Moore