Public Health

X-ray Registration

Illinois Emergency Management System Safety800/782-7860 • Every x-ray machine in your office must be registered, and there is a fee per machine required annually. The Department will bill the operator for the registration fee as soon as practical after January 1. When you have an x-ray machine installed, you must notify the Department before the installation is placed in operation on a form prescribed by the Department. Written safety procedures are required to be given to all new employees, which should be read, signed and placed in their file. A copy of these procedures should also be posted in your office. State law requires lap aprons for patient protection while you are taking radiographs.

Medical Waste Disposal

Environmental Protection Agency 217/524-3289 • In general, the law requires that you dispose of your medical waste through a permitted waste hauler. You can either transport it yourself to a waste facility, or disinfecting the waste in your office, at which time it is no longer considered medical waste.

Amalgam Separators In December 2016, the EPA issued a final rule requiring most dental offices nationwide to install amalgam separators; compliance for most dentists will be July 14, 2020. The date for compliance with this rule for existing offices will be at the end of 2019. Newly purchased or built offices must comply within 90 days of taking ownership.

Hazardous waste

Environmental Protection Agency
Hazardous waste includes X-ray Fixers, Developers, Dental Films, Lead Foils, Cleaners for X-ray Developer Systems and Digital Imaging Waste. These items contain Mercury and Silver and much be properly disposed of.

Sewer discharge

Bureau of Water Permits Section – 217-782-0610
Contact your local sanitary district or sewer board.