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Call for Volunteers! 

Do you have passion for your profession? 
Can you commit to conference calls or scheduled meetings?
Are you willing to contribute to the accomplishment of the task?

If so, submit your name to the ISDS Volunteer Registry by emailing ​​ or by calling 1-800/475-4737.

Standing Committees

Some members may choose to become involved in Society decision making by serving on a Standing Committee. Standing Committees study issues relating to a particular area of interest. Each Committee has both an ISDS trustee and staff member who serve as liaisons. The Committees then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates on specific issues relating to dentistry. Committees typically meet two to three times throughout the year to conduct business. Presently, there are 11 standing committees at ISDS.

How to Be on a Committee

The ISDS Committee on Committees is responsible for presenting nominations for appointment on Standing Committees to the Board of Trustees. The Board, in turn, makes the final appointment.

Please assist the Committee on Committees by submitting the names of members in your local component society that you would recommend for service on an ISDS Standing Committee. The Committee on Committees presents a list of nominees for the Board of Trustees' consideration and approval at the June ISDS Board meeting.

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, contact your ISDS Trustee. The Trustee will forward this information to the Executive Secretary at ISDS headquarters for consideration by the Committee on Committees. A curriculum vitae is a useful tool for the Committee on Committees to determine a member's qualifications for the various committees.

Nominations must be received at ISDS headquarters by April 15.


Access to Care

The Committee on Access to Care monitors the need for dental care throughout the state, particularly the needs of special population groups such as the homebound and those in low-income categories.

Dr Sharon Molitoris, Chair 
Dr Gregory M Dietz
Dr Phillip Jensen   
Dr Katie Kosten
Dr Hannah Yasunaga 
Dr Harry Watts    
Dr Peter Contos
Dr. Sal Storniolo, Board Liaison    
Dr Nicholas Edward Baker, New Dentist Liaison    
Vacant , Communications Liaison    
Dr Mark J Humenik, ADA Council Rep.    
Staff Liaison

Allied Dental Personnel

The Committee on Allied Dental Personnel addresses issues related to personnel in dental offices that assist dentists with the delivery of dental care. High on the list of issues is the appropriate level of formal educational programs for dental auxiliaries to ensure a sufficient supply of trained auxiliaries in the work force.

Dr Gary F Alder, Chair  
Dr Randal P Ashton   
Ms Nikki Carls, RDH
Ms Kimberly Fasula, RDH
Ms Karen Haffey, RDH  
Ms Stephanie Clarke, RDH  
Dr Kimberley M Young   
Dr George Neal, Board Liaison   
Vacant, New Dentist Liaison   
Dave Marsh, Staff Liaison   

Annual Session

The Committee on Annual Session plans and coordinates the annual meeting of the Society and serves as the general arrangements committee for the annual session.
Dr Randall C Markarian, 2019 President   
Dr John L Rottschalk, 2019 General Chair
Dr Chris Larsen, 2020 President
Dr Ronald Riggins, 2020 General Chair 
Dr Alice Boghosian, 2021 President
Dr Renee Pappas, 2021 General Chair
Kathy Ridley, Staff Liaison   
ISDS Executive Director


The Committee on Communications implements state-level programs and activities to educate the public on oral health issues and to enhance the public image of the dental profession in Illinois.

Dr Lynse J Briney, Chair    
Dr Joanne Oppenheim
Dr Josephine Chang Pallato  
Dr Melissa Stigall  
Dr Maggie Schaefer
Dr D Milton Salzer, Editor   
Ms Tami Wanless, RDH   
Dr. Spencer Pope, Board Liaison
Dr Jason F Foreman, New Dentist Liaison 
Dr Philip L Schefke, ADA Council Rep.   
Lee Ann Beane, Staff Liaison

Dental Benefits

The Committee on Dental Benefits monitors the dental insurance and managed care industry as well as implements direct reimbursement activities. The committee also works in cooperation with other recognized health care organizations to promote the common objectives of dental care.

Dr Ron Riggins, Chair       
Dr Graham Beard 
Dr. Danny Hanna
Dr Ronald Lynch  
Dr Kirk W Noraian   
Dr John R Steinwedel    
Dr Mardi A Tingzon    
Dr  John Moore, Board Liaison
Dr R​andall Markarian, ADA Council Rep.    
Staff Liaison

Dental Education

The Committee on Dental Education prepares and develops plans for courses of study to be sponsored by the Society and arranges for the presentation of these programs. ISDS is an approved ADA CERP (Continuing Education Recognition Program) provider.

Ms Jennifer L Bereckis, Chair
Dr Melisa Burton 
Dr Christa Hopp
Dr Peter J March   
Dr Susan A Rowan   
Dr Adam M Snyder
Dr Larry Williams   
Dr. Cynthia Satko, Board Liaison   
Dr Kristi L Hobbie, New Dentist Liaison   
Kathy Ridley, Staff Liaison

Governmental Affairs

The Committee on Governmental Affairs sets the legislative agenda, prepares proposed legislation, secures bill introduction and passage, monitors new bills, selects positions, submits testimony, secures amendments and defeats objectionable proposals.

Dr Larry W Osborne, Chair  
Dr Terry Barnfield 
Dr Jim Benz 
Dr J Barry Howell    
Dr Hillarie Ryann Hudson   
Dr Mary-Margaret W Looker   
Dr. Barbara Mousel
Dr Vishruti M Patel    
Dr Edward H Segal    
Dr Terri S Tiersky    
Dr Denise Hale, DENT-IL-PAC President    
Dr Bradley W Barnes, ADPAC   
Dr. ​William A Simon, Board Liaison    
Dr Samantha Arnold, New Dentist Liaison   
Dr Dennis J McDowell, Communications Liaison   
Dr Phillip J Fijal, ADA Council Rep.  
Dave Marsh, Staff Liaison

Mediation and Clinical Peer Review

The Committee on Mediation and Clinical Peer Review provides a confidential, voluntary mechanism for the resolution of differences between dentists, patients, and/or third party carriers. The Committee serves as the voice of the profession in matters concerning appropriateness of care and quality of treatment.

Dr Kevin T Nelson, Chair   
Dr John M Hagopian    
Dr Richard G Leyba    
Dr Kyle W Peterson    
Dr Amit Sud    
Dr Andrew P Wiers    
Dr Gordon J Ziols
Dr. James Hardy, Board Liaison
Dr R​andall Markarian, ADA Council Rep.    
Staff Liaison

Member Services

The Committee on Member Services researches programs and services which may be of value to the Society’s members and which may generate non-dues revenue to help keep dues increases to a minimum. The committee is also responsible for continuously monitoring all member insurance programs currently in effect and for making appropriate recommendations for modification to the Board of Trustees.

Dr John F Kozal, Chair   
Dr Mary K Buskirk
Dr Patrick Farrow   
Dr Todd Gray    
Dr Denise D Hale
Ms. Sarah Velasco
Dr Brandon Robert Maddox
Dr. Shafa Amirsoltani, Board Liaison    
Dr Ashley D Kauffman, New Dentist Liaison    
Dr Peter J Pirmann, ADA Council Rep.
Eric Larson, Staff Liaison


The Committee on Membership develops and manages recruitment and retention activities for the Society to increase membership. This Committee also handles issues related to member records and the membership database.

Dr Samuel Willens, Chair
Dr Sonia Belani
Dr Gordon Barkley III
Dr Erica L Johnson 
Dr Kelvin Jung
Kendra Alstott
​Dr. Erin McQuinn
Dr Mistie Norton
Dr Cristian Pavel
Dr Emily Rubenacker   
Dr Maura Vroman
Katie Hanser, SIU Student 
Tyler Ramir, UIC Student   
Arielle Hemrick, MWU Student   
Dr. Mark Benavides, Board Liaison
Dr Claire Foreman, New Dentist Liaison     
Dr Bryan Blew, ADA Council Representative
Kathy Ridley, Staff Liaison

New Dentist

The Committee on the New Dentist advises the Society on issues relating to newly practicing dentists. The Committee’s programs are designed to help and guide dentists that have been out of school less than ten years. In the past, the Committee has sponsored educational programs at Annual Session and at the dental schools in Illinois.

Dr Samantha Arnold, Chair
Dr Emily Carley 
Dr Jason F Foreman     
Dr Ashley D Kauffman    
Dr Bryce Alan Larson
Dr Edmund March   
Dr Claire Foreman 
Dr Kristi L Hobbie    
Dr. Jon Nickelsen, Board Liaison
Kelsea Ashton, SIU Student
Emily Svetanoff, MWU Student    
Marin Lehman, UIC Student     
Dr Benjamin Youel, ADA Liaison    
Kathy Ridley, Staff Liaison