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2020 Access to Care Conference

(formally known as the Public Health Dentists Conference)



This year’s morning keynote speaker will be Dr. Ronni Brown.  Dr. Brown is a leading national expert on “meth mouth.”  Her research on the effects of drug-use patterns on the severity of “meth mouth” has garnered national interest and has positioned her as a leading national expert on “meth mouth.”  With more than 20 years treating patients with this condition, Dr. Brown understands the behavioral and clinical challenges that the dental team faces when treating the addicted patient.  Her dynamic, engaging, and influential presentation bridges the gap between the fields of dentistry, public health, and substance abuse.  She will be presenting her course titled “Tweaked,” “Cracked” and “Loaded”: A Profile of the Addicted Dental Patient.

The afternoon will consist of multiple breakout sessions for you to choose from to attend.  Our speakers will be presenting on the following topics:

  • Special needs programs at Advocate Illinois Med. Ctr., Dept. of Dentistry
  • Dental anesthesiology and hospital dentistry
  • Special patient dental care for persons with developmental disabilities
  • Dental anesthesiology residency program
  • Update on legislation that effects dentistry 

 Registration fee for the conference is $35 with limited seating available.

 Six (6) hours of continuing education will be available.