President's Award

In 1999, the Illinois State Dental Society's Board of Trustees voted to allow the Society President to present up to two awards to a dental or non-dental individual or group for their special contribution to dentistry and the dental profession.

President's awards winners:

  • 1999  Peoria District Dental Society
  • 2000  Dr. Peter Paulson, Hootman Dental Lab
  • 2001  Dr. Dennis E. Manning
  • 2002  Mr. Arthur "Ron” Swanson; The Executive Staff of ISDS - Robert Rechner, Lee Ann Beane, Greg Johnson, Dave Marsh, Jeanne Rice and Kathy Ridley
  • 2003  Dr. Thomas Sullivan, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to the Peoples Resource Center (Dr. Gerald Ciebien, Patricia Ciebien, Dr. Keith Suchy and Mary Ellen Durbin) 
  • 2004  Dr. Victor H. Escobar, Champaign, IL. 
  • 2005  The Grottos (accepted by Dr. Harvey Wigdor). 
  • 2006  The McHenry County Cooperative Dental Clinic (Mr. Donald F. Larson & Dr. Diane Metrick), Dr. Howard Cooper
  • 2007  Dr. Barbara Mousel, Dr. David J. Fulton, Sr.
  • 2008  SIUC Community Dental Center , Elaine Pesavento 2009
  • 2009 Dr. Susan Bordenave Bishop.
  • 2010  Dr. Mark Humenik & Dr. Bradley Barnes
  • 2011  Dr. Stephen N. Doran
  • 2012  Mary Beth Humenik, Dr. Loren Feldner, Dr. Cheryl Watson-Lowr & Dr. Paul Kattner
  • 2013  William E. Feurer, J.D. & Dr. Thomas E. Sullivan
  • 2014  Dr. Timm Schwartz, Dr. Mike Durbin
  • 2015  Senator John Cullerton
  • 2016  Mrs. Dionne Haney 
  • 2017  Dr. Joseph Hagenbruch & Illinois State Senator William Hane
  • 2018  Dr. Phillip Fijal, Mr. David Marsh and Ross Kraemer
  • 2019  Dr. J. Barry Howell, John & Anna Markarian
  • 2020 Dr. William A. Simon, Dr. D. Spencer Pope, Dr. Ralph J. Nelson
  • 2021: Lee Ann Beane, Mr. Eric Larson
  • 2022: Dr. Bruce Rotter, Dr. Clark Stanford
  • 2023: Dr. James Benz, Dr. Raymond Rawson