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How You Can Help

The ​ISDS Foundation​ plays an important role in supporting ​ISDS in promoting the public's health and is pleased to accept donations to support its charitable mission. The programs offered by the ​Foundation have had a significant positive impact, and with your help we can do even more in the future.

The ​ISDS Foundation is committed to various forms of fundraising. There are ​many ways to support the Foundation:

  1. ​ISDS ​member ​​dentists: donate by clicking here.
  2. If you are not an ISDS member dentist, donate by clicking here
  3. Designate the ISDS Foundation as your preferred charity on AmazonPrime
  4. Donate via Facebook.
  5. Contribute to one of our events by sponsoring or participating
  6. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram
  7. Purchase a pair of our Foundation "​tooth themed" socks
Contributions to the ​ISDS Foundation may be tax deductible.