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Mission of Mercy
Provide direct dental treatment to disadvantaged persons free of charge in a 2-day clinic manned by hundreds of dental volunteers. Find out more here.

Community Grant Awards
Support local community dental health projects through the annual ISDS Foundation grant program. For guidelines and application, click here.

Student Scholarships
The ISDS Foundation board of directors announced they would award six scholarships at $6,000 each (2 for each dental school) for 2023. This represented a significant increase from scholarships in previous years. We want to thank the Delta Dental Foundation for their donations to the ISDS Foundation. Because of their generosity, we have been able to award more scholarships. To apply, click here.

William J. Greek Memorial Leadership Award
The ISDS Foundation recognizes outstanding leadership with the William J. Greek Memorial Leadership Award. This award is presented annually to an ISDS member who has demonstrated leadership qualities, a sincere involvement in ISDS, and has been in dental practice for ten years or less. To learn more, click here.

Dental Student Table Clinics
Recognize research projects of Illinois’ dental students through clinic awards.

Dental Education Endowment Fund - Our Legacy, Our Future
The ISDS Foundation earmarked $5,000 from the endowment’s earnings for each dental school in 2022. ISDS Foundation Board requests from each dental school administration to provide a “wish lists” and/or a financial request identifying where these requested funds are most needed for each educational program to succeed and most visible to those donating to the endowment.

Dentists Support Program
The ISDS Dentists Support Program is dedicated to providing confidential assistance to dentists who seek to recover from alcoholism and other chemical addictions. The purpose of this program is to prevent a dentist's career and/or reputation from being destroyed by addiction and protect patients from any possible harm. 24-hour confidential cell phone: 312/318-8810 or 708/287-4132. You may also contact Dr. Bill Hamel or Dr. Tom Sullivan for more information.

Relief Fund
Administer the ISDS/ADA Relief Fund for needy Illinois dentists and their families who have suffered financial setbacks. Please contact Dr. Bill Hamel for more information.