New Dentist Spotlight


Jacqueline Hassenplug, DMD
Roselle, IL
Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine Illinois (2021)

Why dentistry?

At a young age, I had a ton of dental work done. From oral surgery, to 7 years of ortho, I didn't have the best luck when it came to my teeth. It wasn't until I switched orthodontists in 5th grade when he put the idea in my head that I "should become an orthodontist because [I'd] be in the chair for many years". I thought he was nuts, but come high school, I thought back to that conversation and thought about my love for science, art, and helping people and saw it was a no brainer. In dental school, I realized I truly loved the hands-on part of dentistry and changing people’s lives, one smile at a time. 

What have you been doing outside of dentistry to stay well / healthy / sane?

I have a 3 year old golden retriever, Cooper, who has tons of energy to keep me moving! I also am a foodie and love trying new restaurants with friends and family. 

What is your “normal” day in the office? How do you practice and what is your focus?

As a general dentist, a normal day in the office for me is seeing a wide variety of patients with varying procedures. I do almost everything in office except place implants, 3rd molar extractions, and the more complicated molar endo so my schedule varies widely day-to-day, which I love. I also do Botox in the office, almost daily.  On Fridays, I teach at Midwestern University in the dental clinic.

What is your “ideal" day in the office? 

My ideal day in the office is doing more aesthetic work and Botox treatments. As much as I love endo or extractions, when I see these procedures in my schedule, I can't wait! 

In terms of CE, what have you found to be of most value in your career?

If you know me at all, you will already know the answer to this question as I am obsessed with the Kois Center!   Learning from John Kois over the last 2 years has completely changed the way I practice dentistry on a day-to-day basis. If you have even the slightest thought of taking a course there, let me tell you DO IT!!! You won't regret it one bit! Besides what I have learned there, I have made life long friendships with people who I would have never met before taking these courses. We have a similar mindset in terms of how we like to practice dentistry. Outside of Kois, I have a long laundry list of other CE that I love and have a "wishlist" per se of what is next for me to take on the horizon. 

What do you look forward to in the coming year - In dentistry? Outside of dentistry?

In dentistry, being able to help more and more patients with their overall health, not only in their mouth, but systemically. Also helping them be more proactive instead of reactive and put my CE into action. I am looking forward to graduating from the Kois Center in May and taking a couple other courses this year. In terms of ISDS, I am looking forward to Capital Conference as it is my favorite event every year as we make a difference in dentistry and are part of the Tooth Party!

Outside of dentistry, I have a couple trips planned as well as a couple weddings! I am also counting down the days until Summer to be on a boat at the lake instead of this awful cold and snow we have been having!