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Dental Hygienists

Any licensed dental hygienist in the state of Illinois is eligible for a dental hygienist membership in the Illinois State Dental Society.  A dental hygienist member in good standing annually receives a membership card and certificate; admission to any of the Society’s scientific sessions; annual subscription to the Illinois Dental News; and participation in the Society’s endorsed products and services programs for members as determined by the Board of Trustees.  A dental hygienist member pays $50 in annual dues. For more information about dental hygienist memberships, you may contact Danielle Williams.

Dental Hygiene Payment Options (if you are renewing your membership):

Your membership dues can be paid online by debit/credit card, or by mail with a check (payable to ISDS). If you would like to mail your payment to our office, please print and mail the application by click here.

If you are applying for NEW dental hygienist membership, please fill out this form below and we will contact you! 

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