Founded by dentists in Chicago in 1865, the Illinois State Dental Society continues to write an interesting history each year through achievements that not only improve the oral health of the public, but also enhance the profession of dentistry. Past leaders in the state and local dental societies have paved the way for their successors to enjoy a bright future in organized dentistry.

Today's member may serve not only ISDS, but also the local or national organizations, in a variety of capacities. Those who choose to serve accept the momentous responsibility of decision making for the Society and their dental colleagues, and chart the course for generations of dentists to come. Organized dentistry has enjoyed an illustrious and accomplished history and holds a future full of promise due to the dedication and commitment of its members.

Mission Statement

Ensuring professional success of our members and optimizing the oral health of Illinois citizens through education, legislation, and communication.

Vision Statement

To be the recognized leader and advocate for oral health in Illinois.

Core Values

  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Mentorship and camaraderie
  • Advocacy and service
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