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The ONLY dental brokerage locally owned and operated by a Dentist and ISDS member!!!

Keep Dentistry Within Dentists!!

Dr Rob Uhland:
(847) 814-4149

West Suburban- rare find.
Over 60 years! 4 chairs, all FFS. Over $650K on 3 dys/wk!
Real Estate Also, hurry!
South Loop-New Office!!
5 chairs and PPO/FFS blend
Over $700K gross with 1800
actives, 30 new/mo. New
cone beam, chairs! Must see!!
Dr Rob Uhland:
(847) 814-4149

General & Specialist Dentists

Due to several retirements, we’re looking to add both general dentists and specialists to our independent, dentist-owned practice in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

You will receive competitive salary/benefits, signing bonus, generous paid time-off, flexible schedule and so much more! Our dentists have a great work-life balance along with the opportunity for ownership within two years.

Safe community, great schools, low cost of living, world-class health care in town and only one to two-hour drive to your cabin in the Northwoods.




ADS Midwest – ENDORSED by ILLINOIS STATE ILLINOIS DENTAL SOCIETY. Peter J. Ackerman, CPA, CVA, CEPA (312) 240-9595 or SELLERS NEEDED. NEVER HAVE VALUES BEEN HIGHER! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A TRANSITION OR SALE! CHICAGO – Near UIC modern facility, four ops room for seven. CHICAGO – Lakeview, SOLD. CHICAGO – Lakeview, $2-plus million, 100% fee-for-service, high tech, high visibility street front premier location. WEST SUBURB – $375,000 collections, high visibility 14,000 vehicles/day, building for sale with practice. WEST SUBURB – $1.3 million, SOLD. NEAR NORTH SUBURB – $1 million, SOLD. NORTH SHORE – $800,000 fee-for-service, four ops, low overhead, low stress, high income. NORTH SUBURB – $1.4 million, SOLD. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – $400,000, outstanding starter or merger in a desirable NORTHWEST community. NORTHWEST SUBURB – Seven digital ops, $600,000 in collections, real estate available, main road signage. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – $625,000, PENDING. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – $965,000 collections, FFS/PPO, three digital ops, CBCT, strip center location. SOUTH SUBURBS – $1,300,000-plus collections, five digital ops, free stand building for sale with practice. SOUTH SUBURBS – $1,000,000 collections, free standing building with plenty of room for expansion. SOUTH SUBURBS – $400,000-plus collections, great starter, priced right. NORTH CENTRAL IL – $1.4 million, five ops-plus, hygiene 38% of revenue four days a week.

ADS Midwest is endorsed by the Illinois State Dental Society for dental practice brokerage and appraisal. Contact Guy Jaffe at (800) 221-6927 or (314) 997-0535 or if you are considering purchasing or selling a dental practice in Central or Southern Illinois or Metro East near St. Louis, BLOOMINGTON – Grossing $1.7m, eight well equipped ops, five hygienists, digital radiography and digital Pano. 4000 square foot building for sale. CARBONDALE, MARION AREA – Modern, 3400 square foot brick building.  Gross production $1,014,000 averaging 13.7 days per month in office. Digital x-rays, a Cerec mill and PrimeScan.   We refer out all endodontics and implant placements as well as most extractions. The fee-for-service practice and does not participate in any managed-care or PPO plans. NEAR CARBONDALE – Turn Key $1.3m on 24 work week with 50% overhead (yes $780,000 take home), all fee-for-service, chartless, completely digital, including intraoral cameras, a PrimeScan scanner and CT machine. NEAR SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE – Grossing $700,000. 50% overhead. 1450 square foot modern office with separate panoramic/3D imaging, Eaglesoft practice software and integrated digital radiography using Schick wired intraoral X-ray sensor and Cerec Primescan unit allowing same day restoration. CHAMPAIGN – Grossing $2.4m, group practice with one dentist retiring.  Looking for 33% partner.  UNDER CONTRACT. CHAMPAIGN – Grossing $900k, four ops, 100% fee-for-service, 45% overhead, and beautiful building. DANVILLE – Grossing $1.25m, four ops, low overhead, fee-for-service. PERIO (Central IL) – Grossing $1.7m, nine ops, very modern and well equipped, CT room, fully digital, EHR, VoiceWorks, 100% fee-for-service.  Building available. Seller will stay. MT. VERNON – Motivated Seller fantastic opportunity! Grossing $800,000 Low 50% overhead. 4.5 days a week, Dentrix/Schick digital. Great staff. METRO EAST (O’Fallon) – Grossing $1.7million, seven ops-plus two, extremely nice offices.  Immediate 50% buy-in. UNDER CONTRACT. NEAR SPRINGFIELD – Grossing $1,000,000, building available.  Coming soon! Near TERRE HAUTE – Grossing $600,000, four ops, well equipped, turn-key office. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS – Grossing $800,000, five operatories, digital CBCT, all fee-for-service, only dentist in town, work more, make more, nice building also available for sale. If you would like additional information or would like to view any of the above practice opportunities, please call Guy at ADS Midwest (800) 221-6927 or (314) 997-0535 or

CHICAGO DENTAL BROKER. THE ONLY BROKERAGE LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED BY A DENTIST AND ISDS MEMBER.  Contact Dr. Rob Uhland (847) 814-4149.  NEW IN NORTH SHORE – Fantastic fee-for-service practice grossing $820k with 35% overhead!  Real estate also available, walk to town location.  Three chairs but could be four.  Call me on this jewel! CHICAGO – Five practices. NORTH SIDE – Chart sale, 1,000 active patients. Doing $500k-plus. Doctor willing to stay on and work. NORTH SIDE, Albany Park – Six chairs and FFS / PPO blend. Doing $500k-plus. Huge upside. NORTH SIDE, Jefferson Park – Four chairs and all fee-for-service. Gross of $325k with other practice close by to roll in! Huge upside. HERMOSA –Very productive four chair office, lots of cash! Has an associate in place. SOUTH LOOP – All new! Half fee-for-service and half PPO. Collecting $700k-plus. Five chairs, new CBCT and more! Rare find. SOUTHWEST SUBURBAN – Practice collecting $500k-plus on just three days a week. Many implants. Great opportunity! WESTERN SUBURBAN –Very well established practice and all fee-for-service. Doctor will help with transition. Four chairs and great staff. Real estate also! WESTERN SUBURBAN, NEW! – Four chair practice with very strong hygiene! Collecting $550k and is associate driven. Let’s talk! NORTH SUBURBAN, NEW! – Brand new build out and new equipment. All fee-for-service and grossing $650k, hard to believe but will sell fast! ORTHO – I have several practices, call me for details! ORAL SURGERY – I have two. A practice in the NORTHERN SUBURBS and one in the WESTERN SUBURBS with two locations. Please call for more details. NORTHWEST INDIANA – Huge fee-for-service practice, doing $1M on three days a week and selling brand newly remodeled office condo as well. NEW! NORTHWEST INDIANA – Collecting $400k a year on just three and a half days a week. Great opportunity with a retiring doctor. NORTHWEST INDIANA – Several listings, call me for details!

PARAGON assists both Sellers and Buyers in all their transition needs. Call for your confidential complimentary consultation. Sellers wanted Lake and McHenry County, contact Kathleen Christie-Jaroch, D.D.S. at (847) 341-4418 or; SOUTHWEST SUBURBS, NEW – $845k collections, six ops, 2400 active patients. PPO, All Kids, seller wishes to stay. Digital, pan. Contact Dr. Ann Hood at (708) 254-7375 or . CHICAGO, NEAR NORTH SUBURBS – $305k collections on three day work week (24 hours). 527 active patients. This low overhead practice is on a main street. Three ops with loyal patient base.  WANTED, GLENVIEW – WILMETTE – LINCOLNWOOD – Looking for fee-for-service practices for mergers.

Practice for sale /Associate Buy In – Well established general practice, collecting over 1.2 million, for sale in Northwest Illinois, near Galena. Opportunity for mentorship if desired. This modern practice is 100% fee-for-service, fully digital and well equipped for contemporary diagnostics and treatment procedures, including CBCT, digital radiographs, intraoral cameras, soft tissue laser, intraoral scanners, 3D printer and paperless charting. With a motivated team, well educated in all facets of dentistry, eight operatories, and a reputation for quality care, the practice continues to enjoy healthy growth.  For further details, please contact

Available for sale is a General Practice nestled within the heart of the Springfield, Illinois region, presenting a golden opportunity for any dentist looking to acquire a practice with exceptional cash flow. With 2022 collections totaling nearly $1.4 million and 2023 collections on pace for $1.5 million, it’s evident that this practice is on a steady path for growth. The office is in a visible location and popular amongst the community which has resulted in a long cancellation list. The clinical space is within a 5,500 square feet area in a single-story, stand-alone building, also available for sale. Boasting seven fully-equipped operatories plus an additional four semi-finished ops that just need chairs, this opportunity holds immense potential. Contact for more information.

CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SIDE – Cozy two operatory office - room to expand. Owner works approximately 25 hours a week. 2023 collections $320,000. New digital Panoramic/sensor x-ray system. What's for sale? 1: Dental practice. 2: 1200 square feet office building. 3: Small house next door to generate added income. Owner can stay on to help with transition. Forward interest to (Box 202).

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Rare and fantastic opportunity to join a thriving, established dental practice in a great location in Springfield, IL. The practice is seeking an associate with the opportunity to become a partner. This busy group practice is open five days a week at the main Springfield location and two days a week at the satellite location, approximately 10 miles south of Springfield. The main location features nine fully equipped operatories, with four dedicated to hygiene daily. The satellite location has three fully equipped operatories. Over 5000 active patients. Delta Dental Premier and fee-for-service only. $2.7 million collections in 2023. Digital charting, radiographs, pano, Trios Scanner, intraoral camera, Open Dental software. Forward interest to (Box 204).


ST. LOUIS (ILLINOIS SIDE) – Phenomenal opportunity in greater St. Louis area (practice located in Illinois)! $770k in gross revenue on a limited doctor/hygiene schedule. Newly built out, five (5) op facility (six ops plumbed) that’s fully digital utilizing Dentrix, Dexis, and a Sirona 2D Pan. Stand-alone building with 1,800 square feet of practice space and full basement. FFS/PPO based, no Medicaid. Real estate available for purchase. #IL3839

CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – Great jump start practice opportunity in the West Suburbs of Chicago. This practice is located in a busy strip mall off a major road in a thriving community. $175k in revenue on a very limited schedule, three ops, leased space. Flexible transition options and motivated seller. #IL3776

CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – Fantastic opportunity to own a two-location Oral Surgery practice in the West Suburbs of Chicago. $1 mil-plus in collections, six (6) total operatories, and real estate available at one of the locations. Excellent referral base, great cash flow, and flexible transition options from the doctor. Won’t last! #IL3773

CHICAGO – Well-established Pedo/Ortho practice in Chicago! The practice is located in a mixed-use medical building with great signage and visibility from the street. This leased space with 1675 square feet five (5) ops, and collections of $500k with a majority of the revenue being Pedo. This practice has up-to-date technology, pan-ceph, Dentrix Ascend, and Dexis imaging. Don’t miss an opportunity to own a beautiful specialty practice in a thriving community! #IL3727

CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SUBURBS – Great opportunity to acquire a 100% fee-for-service practice in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago! The practice is 800 square feet located in a professional building off a major highway with excellent signage and ample parking. The practice did $324k in collections on three and a half days a week, two equipped and one plumbed operatories, and is full digital utilizing Dentrix and a 2D Pan. Immediate growth potential as the owner refers most specialty procedures out. #IL3716

CENTRAL ILLINOIS – Beautiful two-location Ortho Practice located in Central Illinois. Primary location is 1,800 square feet with six (6) ops. Satellite office is 1,225 square feet with five (5) ops. $1.3 million in collections on four days a week with strong cash flow. 500 active patients in treatment. Both offices are fully digital including scanners, panoramic x-rays, and Orthotrac practice management software. The doctor is willing to assist with the transition. #IL3662

CHICAGO, NORTH SIDE of CITY – Calling all start-up doctors! Incredible opportunity to acquire a profitable practice and real estate on the north side of Chicago. $508k in collections, 1,300 square feet of current practice space, four (4) ops, and 39 years of goodwill. The building is 3,500 square feet with another tenant in the building on a month-to-month lease. The practice and real estate are both priced to sell! #IL3660

CHICAGO – Fantastic opportunity to acquire a two-location practice located in Chicago! The practice collected $1,004,133 in 2022 and $1,022,438 in 2021. The doctor utilizes, and is highly trained in, the most advanced technology in dentistry, including CEREC, digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and 3D imaging. One location is four (4) ops with the ability to expand to five (2,200 square feet). The other is three (3) ops but could be expanded with additional space in the building (850 square feet with an additional 1,100 square feet available). The doctor owns the real estate at both locations and would be interested in leasing it out to the new owners. Owner is looking to partner with a DSO and stay on long term. Don’t miss an opportunity to add a phenomenal practice and an incredibly talented doctor to your organization! #IL3620

CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – Good location with room to grow, across from school and large residential area! Practice has five (5) ops, revenue in low $300k’s on only about 30 hours a week. #IL3575

CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SUBURBS – Fantastic opportunity to own a growing fee for service practice in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago! The practice has four (4) ops in a roughly 1,400 square feet leased space located in a multi-use building on a busy downtown street with great visibility and signage. 35 years of goodwill, extremely loyal patient base and the practice collected $518k in 2022. The office is utilizing a digital pan, dexis imaging software, Practice Works management software, and is fully plumbed for Nitrous. The current owner refers most specialty work out so there’s an immediate opportunity for growth through added procedures. Won’t last! #IL3582

CHICAGO, WEST SUBURB – Three ops, Tri-City area, leased space in a busy strip mall with excellent visibility and parking. Impressive financials of $664k with high cash flow. 29 years of goodwill and over 3,000 active patients. Up-to-date technology with Eaglesoft, Schick sensors, and Pano. Grow the practice by keeping specialties in-house. #IL3556

CHICAGO, SOUTH / SOUTHWEST SUBURBS – Spacious, modern, five (5)-plus op fully digital Practice in a standalone building with ample parking in a vibrant high growth area! On limited hours and procedures are referred out. Revenue is in low $500k’s with good upside potential. #IL3593

CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SIDE - Modern open layout 3,000 square feet digital, four (4) op office with room to expand! Located in owned stand-alone building on corner of a busy main street with excellent signage! #IL3059

CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – FFS/PPO Practice in high-traffic area near residential neighborhoods. Good upside potential with revenue around $480k on only three and a half days a week, referring out Endo/Implants. #IL3692

CHICAGO WEST SUBURBS – Mid-$800k revenue practice with an upward trend. Modern, very well-kept, six (6) op practice with digital x-rays in a 2,500 square feet office with Conebeam. Located on main road in one story building with ample parking. #IL3317

CHICAGO, NORTH SUBURBS – Two location Orthodontic Specialty practice. One location offering clinical care two days a week is 4,891 square feet, has six open bay concept operatories with room to expand to a total of eight chairs, also including a surgical room perfect for multi-specialty. The practice utilizes a digital pan-ceph and digital scanners. The second location, offering clinical care one day a week, is 2,289 square feet has three open bay operatories with a fully equipped treatment coordinator room. The practice utilizes a digital pan-ceph. Between both locations they have 511 active patients, averaging about 22 new starts per month, $1.6 million in collections in 2022, with approximately $612k in outstanding Contracts receivables. Both offices are leased space. Tremendous upside on an already well-established specialty practice. Won’t last! #IL3532

CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – $1.4 million-plus in revenues, upward trend with potential for growth! Well kept nine (9) op digital 2,750 square feet office. Highly visible standalone building in town location, with ample storage and parking. #IL3458


GENERAL DENTIST – We are looking for a General Dentist to join our busy practice. It is a high paying position for a minimum of three days a week to full-time between two offices in Joliet and Morris. Monday-Friday with weekend availability. Email resume to

ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: ASSOCIATESHIP TO PARTNERSHIP THROUGH MENTORSHIP – The largest TMD practice in Chicago metro area is looking for a dentist (full time or part time) with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ patients. The practice is limited to the treatment of TMD and Facial pain (100%). There are two offices located in the western and southwest suburbs. You must be proficient in centric relation, bimanual manipulation, and occlusal equilibration. Prior Pankey or Dawson training is a plus. Will mentor in the diagnosis, MRI imaging, and treatment planning. Mentorship completion time is one year for full time. At the end of the first year, you could be eligible for a partnership buy-in opportunity. Excellent compensation can be negotiated based on experience. We also provide 401(K), health insurance, and other benefits for full time candidates. Please email CV to:

Two location private practice seeking a general dentist four to five days per week located in Southern Illinois 50 minutes from St. Louis, MO. Depending on location, there is a 1500 square foot office with five ops, and a 2900 square foot office with eight ops. Competitive compensation, CE reimbursement, bonus structure and retirement option, as well as potential opportunities for ownership available. Both locations provide general dentistry, including sedation, orthodontics, and implants for all ages in a modern, technologically advanced setting plus our experienced, friendly and efficient team will make the transition smooth. Take advantage of this career opportunity to provide high quality, comprehensive dentistry. Please send your CV to For more details, please view our website or call (618) 526-2020 and ask for Kim.

ST. CLAIRE HEALTHCARE IS LOOKING FOR A “DYNAMIC” DENTIST – St. Claire HealthCare in Morehead, KY is looking for a Dentist who would enjoy a University town one hour from Lexington, KY / Huntington, WV; being minutes from the Daniel Boone National Forest, outdoor activities (Cave Run Lake provides hiking and biking trails, boating, fishing, camping and water sports) and cultural activities (theatre productions, art displays, concert recitals and festivals). Benefits include hospital-employed guaranteed salary with a wRVU bonus, Health, Dental, Vision, Life, and LTD insurance, retirement benefits (401k, 403b and 457), CME allotment, CME/Vacation time off, moving expenses, signing bonus/stipend. NHSC eligible for Loan Repayment. For more information, contact Abby Baker at (606) 783-6829.

Private dental practice located in Highland, IL seeking a full-time ASSOCIATE DENTIST.  Potential buy-in partnership opportunity in the future.  Serious inquiries only; email resume:

Looking for a guaranteed first year comp? Looking for a great work/life balance? We are looking for a full-time associate dentist in the beautiful Illinois Valley. $150,000/year! Contact us at (815) 223-6013

Dental Associates of Wisconsin – GENERAL DENTIST and SPECIALIST OPPORTUNITIES. 15 locations. Competitive Compensation. Benefit Package. Bonuses. Collaboration. Mentorship. CE. Contact

PARK DENTAL SPECIALISTS – ENDODONTIST and ORAL SURGEON OPPORTUNITIES. FULL-TIME or PART-TIME. Join our dentist-owned, family practice in Chicago, IL!  Contact


Antique solid Oak dental cabinet: $3,000 -- Price is firm

IMPLANT PLACEMENT IN YOUR OFFICE – Experienced implant clinician can come to your practice to place implants for you. No need for patient to go to a different location. Minimize disruptions and increase your revenue. For more information contact

Hands On Extraction Classes – Learn advanced extraction techniques, elevating flaps, suturing, third molar removal, handling large abscesses and bleeding. Participation on live patients.  Website:; phone: (843) 488-4357; e-mail: