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Policy Update: Proposed Anesthesia Rule Changes

Feb 28, 2024
As we enter Springfield's spring legislative session, we closely monitor legislation and activity at every level. Recently, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) introduced new rules that could change the Illinois Dental Practice Act, specifically regarding licensing for anesthesia. We want to keep you in the loop about these proposed changes and update you on the latest action.

Here is a summary of the proposed rules:

  1. Licensing and Advertising for Dental Anesthesiologists: These rules would allow dental anesthesiologists to obtain licenses and promote their services appropriately.
  2. Moderate Sedation Permit Requirements: Applicants seeking moderate sedation permits would need to submit information on 20 cases of intravenous sedation to IDFPR.
  3. Changes to Training Options: There's a possibility that weekend anesthesiology courses may no longer be an option for obtaining the training required to receive a moderate sedation permit.
  4. Inspections and Evaluations: Holders of Permit A for moderate sedation would be subject to periodic inspections and evaluations.

ISDS has taken proactive steps to review and provide input on these proposals to determine our stance on these changes. We engaged subject matter experts, which included pediatric dentists, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, a dental anesthesiologist, and general dentists.  

After a thorough review, the ISDS shared its comments on four critical aspects of the proposed rule:

  • We've emphasized the need for clearer rules regarding how dental anesthesiologists can advertise and obtain licenses.
  • We advocate for these rules to align with current teaching standards set by CODA and ADA for moderate sedation. We also recommend accepting various methods of administering sedation for the required cases.
  • Establishing a pathway for general dentists to receive training in moderate sedation is essential.
  • We've suggested the removal of the provision for periodic inspections until further discussions can be held between ISDS and IDFPR.

Please be aware that these rules have not been finalized yet. IDFPR will review the comments provided by various stakeholders, including ISDS, and respond accordingly. ISDS is awaiting IDFPR's response to our comments.

As always, ISDS is committed to informing you about this issue. We will continue to monitor developments and provide updates as they become available. Your support and involvement are vital in protecting the dental community.

Thank you for your continued involvement as we work to ensure the success of our members.