President's Award

In 1999, the Illinois State Dental Society's Board of Trustees voted to allow the Society President to present up to two awards to a dental or non-dental individual or group for their special contribution to dentistry and the dental profession.

The following President's awards have been presented:

Peoria District Dental Society
ISDS President Dr. Peter Roberson presented the first annual President's Award to the Peoria District Dental Society for pulling together in a spirit of service and caring at the time of Dr. Gerald Couri's sudden death. They maintained his practice until his son, Dr. Peter Couri, could complete his schooling and assume his father's practice.

Dr. Peter Paulson
Hootman Dental Lab
ISDS President Dr. Perry Tuneberg presented two President's Awards. One was given to former ISDS President Dr. Peter Paulson of Decatur for initiating and implementing the Take2 dental program that provides dental care to foster children in Illinois. Dr. Tuneberg also recognized Hootman Dental Lab in Rockford for its past and continued professional and philanthropic involvement in organized dentistry at the state and local levels.

Dr. Dennis E. Manning
Dr. Trucia Drummond, ISDS President, presented the prestigious President's Award to Libertyville dentist Dr. Dennis E. Manning for his outstanding effort and unparalleled success in expanding dental hygiene education programs throughout the state of Illinois.

Mr. Arthur "Ron" Swanson
The Executive Staff of ISDS - Robert Rechner, Lee Ann Beane, Greg Johnson, Dave Marsh, Jeanne Rice and Kathy Ridley
Dr. William Tonne, ISDS President, presented two President's Awards. One was presented to Mr. Arthur "Ron" Swanson who helped to advance the legislative program of the ISDS in the houses of the Illinois legislature and the Governor's office. He influenced the passage of many bills and the defeat of other bills to benefit the oral health of the public and preserve the practice of dentistry in Illinois.

The second award was presented to the executive staff of the Illinois State Dental Society for their outstanding service and dedication to ISDS and the profession of dentistry. Those recipients are: Mr. Robert A. Rechner, Executive Director; Mr. Gregory A. Johnson, Director of Professional Services; Ms. Lee Ann Beane, Director of Communications; Mr. Dave Marsh, Director of Government Relations; Ms. Jeanne Rice, Director of Conference Services and Ms. Kathleen M. Ridley, Director of Education & Membership.

Dr. Thomas Sullivan, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to the Peoples Resource Center (Dr. Gerald Ciebien, Patricia Ciebien, Dr. Keith Suchy and Mary Ellen Durbin)
for their exemplary volunteer work with the People’s Resource Center and their passion for those less fortunate which has helped create a legacy of smiles.

Dr. John Williams, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to Dr. Victor H. Escobar, Champaign, IL. This award was presented in appreciation for his personal sacrifices in connection with his military service in Iraq and for being such an honorable representative of all Illinois dental personnel serving our country during this time.

Dr. Michael Higgins, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to The Grottos (accepted by Dr. Harvey Wigdor). This humanitarian organization is affiliated with the Masons. They underwrite millions in dental care for handicapped children each year around the country.

Dr. Joseph Hagenbruch, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to: The McHenry County Cooperative Dental Clinic (Mr. Donald F. Larson & Dr. Diane Metrick) – a special dental care facility designed to provide dental services to the indigent, working poor and Medicaid population of McHenry County. Also, it was presented to Dr. Howard I. Cooper a member of the National Disaster Medical System’s Region V, Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT) for his response to the various fields of disaster.

Dr. Dean Nicholas, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to: Dr. Barbara Mousel in grateful recognition for outstanding commitment to obtaining sponsorships and donations in support of ISDS Annual Session. Also, it was presented to Dr. David J. Fulton, Sr. in grateful recognition for his loyalty, dedication and enthusiastic volunteer services to the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society and Chicago Dental Society.

Dr. Keith Dickey, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to: SIUC Community Dental Center for exemplary essence of teamwork; providing oral health care to the underserved population in Southern Illinois. It was also presented to Elaine Pesavento for her spirit of caring, compassion and respect for Illinois State Dental Society members and service to the profession of dentistry.

Dr. Joseph G. Unger, ISDS President, presented the President’s Award to: Dr. Susan Bordenave Bishop. Throughout her dental career she has demonstrated her true concern for others. Her dedication to the care of the less fortunate is above par. Dr. Sue Bishop has been very active in providing dental care and getting others to be active in providing dental care for the special needs patients, the handicapped, the elderly, the incarcerated and all aspects of Public Health Dentistry. She has done this while teaching hygiene students, being very active in all aspects of organized dentistry and practicing in private practice. It is with great pleasure to honor Dr. Susan Bishop as a great member of “Our Dental Family.”

Dr. Larry Osborne, ISDS President, presented the President's Award to: Dr. Mark Humenik & Dr. Bradley Barnes. Our greatest gift is the gift or ourselves. Throughout their dental careers they have demonstrated their true concern for others. By co-chairing the Illinois Mission of Mercy in June of 2010, they have both shown dedication to the care of the less fortunate. Dr. Mark Humenik & Dr. Brad Barnes have actively given of themselves in site visits to other M.O.M. sites as well as giving their own personal time to coordinating such a huge project to provide dental care to those less fortunate.

Oral surgeon Dr. Stephen N. Doran practices in Bloomington. A 1983 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and 1986 graduate of the Cook County Hospital Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program, Dr. Doran currently serves on the Board of Directors of the John Scott Health Center. He served as lead Surgeon in the Oral Surgery Department of the Illinois Mission of Mercy in 2010. For the past 10 years, Dr. Doran has gathered and organized a free extraction clinic in Bloomington. Twice each year, he has assembled a team of 10-plus dentists to perform free extractions on Saturday mornings. He likes to say, No questions asked, just show me the tooth. It is estimated that his free extraction clinic has served over 2,500 patients and provided more than $500,000 of free dentistry to the people of Illinois. Dr. Stephen N. Doran is a steadfast example of service to the dental profession, and the Society is honored to recognize him for his commitment to dentistry.

Mary Beth Humenik, wife of ISDS member dentist Dr. Mark Humenik, received one of four President´s Awards for her dedication as a tireless volunteer with the Mission of Mercy programs. Dr. Loren Feldner was awarded for his significant efforts and successes in the area of legislative advocacy on behalf of the dental profession. He was named ADPAC Co-Chair for 2012-2013. Dr. Cheryl Watson-Lowry was honored for her significant contribution to the ISDS Bridge to Healthy Smiles campaign in Cook County. Dr. Paul Kattner was named an awardee for his support and advice to many ISDS presidents in his role as Speaker of the House.

William E. Feurer, J.D.
, has served as Parliamentarian of the House of Delegates since it began in 1990, and he has been responsible for drafting and reviewing legislation affecting organized dentistry, including two major re-codifications of the Dental Practice Act. Over the years, Mr. Feurer has educated countless ISDS members on legal issues in organized dentistry and the dental office and their ramifications. He was elected an honorary ISDS member in 1997.

Dr. Thomas E. Sullivan also was recognized in 2013. He has been a leader in bringing membership, recruitment, and retention issues to the forefront over the years. He served as Chair of the first Membership Committee of the Society. The Sullivan Membership Action Award for component and branch R&R programs bears his name as a testament to his belief in and love for organized dentistry and the profession.