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Distinguished Member

Each year, the Illinois State Dental Society presents the ISDS Distinguished Member Award to a member dentist. This award is bestowed on a colleague who, over the years, has tirelessly made significant contributions to the service of mankind extending the profession of dentistry into civic, cultural, religious, and humanitarian areas.

This award recognizes a member who has exceeded the ordinary with outstanding contributions, thus enhancing the image of organized dentistry. The recipient receives special recognition with a plaque presented at the opening breakfast of ISDS Annual Session and an announcement a the President's Dinner Dance.

ISDS members recognized for their outstanding contributions to dentistry include:

  • 1989​ Dr. Edwin Dale
  • 1990​ Dr. William G. D. Henderson
  • 1992 Dr. Robert Unger
  • 1993 Dr. Harry Melnick
  • 1994 Dr. Edward Schaaf
  • 1995 Dr. John Byrne
  • 1997 Dr. Donald Krzyzak
  • 1998 Dr. Howard Stone
  • 1999 Dr. Charles Fifield
  • 2000 Dr. Charles Johnson
  • 2001 Dr. Peter Paesani
  • 2002 Dr. Jeffrey Socher
  • 2003 Dr. Chauncey Cross
  • 2004 Dr. Walter Lamacki
  • 2005 Dr. Fred Margolis
  • 2006 Dr. D. Milton Salzer
  • 2007 Dr. Clifford Brown
  • 2008 Dr. Samuel J. Cascio
  • 2009 Dr. Leo R. Finley, Jr.
  • 2010 Robert A. Rechner
  • 2011 Dr. Susan Bordenave-Bishop
  • 2012 Dr. Larry W. Osborne
  • 2013 Dr. Paul F. Kattner
  • 2014 Dr. Keith W. Dickey
  • 2015 Dr. Marvin H. Berman
  • 2016 Dr. Frank A. Maggio 

Now is the time to be considering potential candidates from your component or branch. Individuals may submit nominations as well. The deadline for submission is June 1. Contact​ the ISDS Headquarters with questions on the nominating process.