Greek Leadership Award

In 1978, the Clopper Foundation established the William J. Greek Memorial Leadership Award to recognize a new member of the Illinois State Dental Society who has demonstrated outstanding professional leadership, been out of dental school less than ten years, and exhibited a sincere involvement in organized dentistry. The recipient is honored with a plaque at the opening breakfast of ISDS Annual Session and recognition at the President's Dinner Dance.

Past Greek Leadership Award winners include:

1980Dr. Raymond Matejcak
1981Dr. Stephan Kaplan
1982Dr. Alan Kendall
1984Dr. John Williams
1985Dr. George Zundo
1987Dr. Thomas Sullivan
1988Dr. Perry Tuneberg
1989Dr. David Maclin
1990Dr. Joseph Unger
1991Dr. Brian Cross
1992Dr. Lori Lightfoot
1993Dr. Douglas Kirk
1994Dr. David Fulton, Jr.
1995Dr. Kevin Nelson
1996Dr. David Miller
1997Dr. Catherine Bishop
1998Dr. Elizabeth Shapiro
1999Dr. Paul Kattner
2001Dr. Teri Steinberg
2002Dr. Cissy Furusho
2003Dr. Tina Brenza
2004Dr. John Rottschalk
2005Dr. Peggy Richardson
2006Dr. M. Todd Massie
2007Dr. Lori Ann Fulk
2008Dr. Brian A. Zale
2009Dr. Brandon R. Maddox
2010Dr. Jon D. Nickelsen
2011Dr. Keith Evans
2012Dr. Madalyn Davidson
2013Dr. Lynse J. Briney
2014Dr. Lindsey Yates
2015Dr Hillarie Ryann Hudson

The deadline for submission is June 1. Contact the foundation with any questions about the nomination process.

Greek Leadership Nomination Form