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DIY Teeth Straightening Legislation Nearing Finish Line

May 21, 2024

We have an important update regarding our DIY Teeth Straightening legislation, SB 2586. This crucial legislation, which we have advocated for years, has passed both the Senate and the House. It is now back in the Senate for a final review due to a technical amendment. This is a common step in the legislative process, and we remain optimistic that we are very close to passing this out of both chambers. 

Why This Matters:

  •  Quality Care: Ensures teledentistry meets in-person care standards, including thorough medical history reviews and x-rays.
  •  Proper Examinations: Mandates in-person exams before providing teledentistry services.
  •  Informed Choices: This guarantees patients' rights to file complaints and share experiences.

    ISDS Leading the Charge: ISDS has led the push for these essential protections, advocating for high standards in teledentistry to match those of in-person dental services.

    What We Need from You: We're close to the finish line, but your voice is crucial. Stay alert for potential future Action Alerts and be ready to help push SB 2586 over the final hurdle.

Thank you for your dedication to patient safety and professional integrity.