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In Memoriam

Each August, we pay tribute to those member dentists we have lost in the past year. Their passion, expertise, and commitment to caring for their patients will be deeply missed.
Dentists play a crucial role in maintaining the oral health of individuals, ensuring bright smiles and overall well-being. As we reflect on the past year, it is with heavy hearts that we pay tribute to the dentists we have lost. These dedicated professionals selflessly served their communities, working tirelessly to alleviate dental pain and improve oral health.

We are forever grateful for their contributions and the lasting impact they made on the dental profession. May their legacy be remembered and cherished as we honor their invaluable service to the people of Illinois.

If you know of a member dentist who has passed, please contact ISDS Member Relations Assistant, Danielle Williams.

In Memoriam: 8/1/2022 – 8/1/2023
Howard Aduss 8/29/2022
Stephen G. Bell 10/25/2022
Dennis L. Bond 3/6/2023
Herbert H. Chapman 6/5/23
Valentine J. Corrado 4/30/2023
Roger W. Dettro 8/11/2022
Mark D. Dutz 5/11/2023
Bernard C. Ernst 11/3/2022
Mark E. Flannigan 10/26/2022
Charles E. Johnson 2/1/2023
Robert L. Kimbrough 4/26/2023
Alfred C. Kosel 10/26/2022
Rodger C. Lerohl 6/1/2023
Earl E. Martin 1/6/2023
Norman P. Mills 6/3/23
Robert S. Novotny 4/11/2023
Sidney Peskin 11/13/2022
Arthur W. Rogel 1/21/2023
Robert A. Schnell 1/26/2023
Thomas L. Schwalbe 8/21/22
Herbert E. Seidel 8/16/2022
Donald D. Smith 5/2/2023
Joseph A. Smith 7/7/2023