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Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow Announces Her Candidacy for ADA President-elect

Immediate past 8th District Trustee, Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow, announced her candidacy for President-elect of the American Dental Association (ADA) at the 2022 ADA House of Delegates meeting in Houston, TX.

Dr. Becker Doroshow is a general dentist in Skokie, IL. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in 1983. Her two instructors in the 4th year clinic – Dr. David Kumamoto and the late Dr. Alvin Atlas – were active in organized dentistry and encouraged her to get involved. She began volunteering for the Chicago Dental Society nearly 35 years ago, but her leadership adventure truly started when she served as an ISDS delegate in 1999.  

“My preparation, willingness to speak my mind about the issues, and passion led to an appointment to an ISDS committee…and then ISDS Trustee…ADA Council Chair…CDS President…8th District Trustee. All because our “elder statesmen” took notice and encouraged my leadership growth. Their support, mentorship, and confidence have inspired me to seek the office of ADA President-elect.” Said Dr. Becker Doroshow. 

 A few key initiatives that the ADA is working on excite her most. Last year’s ADA House of Delegates established a Strategic Forecasting Committee of the House to guide the strategic direction of the Association and more quickly respond to the needs of our members. The structure of the workgroups under the SFC creates opportunities for non-member ADA customers (tripartite staff, dental school deans, and other healthcare professionals) to provide feedback about potential resources and products, expanding the ADA’s market and influence.  

“Technology is critical to delivering services to ADA’s customers – not just members but state and local societies and even the public. The new member app, launched at last year’s SmileCon, connects the ADA with dentists at all stages of their careers. A substantial IT investment has been made in Fonteva, the new association management system. Fonteva will streamline many operations and manage customer data in real time. Salesforce, the new customer relationship management (CRM) platform, will provide robust customer analytic tools.” Said Dr. Becker Doroshow.  

Three things She believes the ADA can do better with and what she plans to change: 

Vision for Oral Health in America:
Nearly 50% of Americans do not regularly see a dentist – yet the ADA has no vision for Oral Health in America. Our reticence to address this issue belies our claims that “dentistry is essential” and that “dental health is health.”  The ADA must take a bold and definitive position before other entities fill this public policy vacuum, to the detriment of the profession and the public we serve.  

It won’t be enough in the coming years to do things “better.” “Better” will not turn around our eroding membership market share – which, without free and discounted dues, would teeter around 50%.  

My leadership roots are in Membership – but the handwriting is on the wall. The ADA has seen a steady decline in membership market share over the past 15 years. I believe that the survival of the ADA will require a radical transformation of its current business model because the membership model is dying. Ultimately, changes to our membership structure will have to be adopted by the House of Delegates and will not happen overnight – but this conversation must begin today.   

Success for our dental schools:   
Only the ADA has the resources and the commitment to provide standards for dental products and dental informatics, created by hundreds of volunteers, dental admission testing, and dental accreditation – to ensure that students admitted to the dental school have the aptitude to succeed and that their education will prepare them for clinical practice; advocacy in Washington and state capitols; scientific research and product testing. Without the ADA, dentistry AS a profession ceases to exist.

“The long-range future of the ADA is in jeopardy unless leadership begins to critically assess the profession's current state and our association, starting NOW. I want to be President-elect because someone needs to speak the hard truths –precisely what I will do as a candidate and, if elected, as President-elect and President.” Says Dr. Becker Doroshow. 

If you would like to support Dr. Doroshow’s ADA President-elect campaign, you can click here and donate online now or send a check to “Susan Becker Doroshow for ADA President” c/o ISDS, 1010 South Second Street, Springfield, IL 62704. Checks will need to be made payable to “ISDS.” 

Voting will take place in the 2023 House of Delegates in Orlando, FL, October 7-10, 2023.