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Special Classified Sale for Members Only! Act now!


ISDS is offering a special sale for MEMBERS ONLY for our classifieds in March!
This sale is BIG! Why?

Normally, Classified advertising rates are $65.00 for 30 words, plus 50¢ for each additional word. For Members in March, they will only be $30.00, plus 25¢ for each additional word. Boxed ads will start at 50% off! 2x2 for only $75.

ISDS will be boosting links to these ads on our social media channels, to target everyone in the dental related field in Illinois. 

We will be sending a special e-mail to both students and those in our New Dentist category about opportunites. 

What is the deadline to place an ad for this special March promotion?
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3. Ready to place an ad? Click here.