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ISDS Oral Cancer Task Force Update; New Videos

Approximately 54,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and one will die from it every 24 hours. 

To communicate the importance of screening for this disease, the ISDS communications committee formed a task force in November 2021 to explore ways to promote oral cancer awareness, educational opportunities, and the development of oral cancer educational materials for dentists and patients. One year later, we are happy to notify the membership of many important resources we've developed to assist you in being a leader in identifying and treating this disease. Early detection of oral cancer remains the single most important prognostic factor in improving survival, thus underscoring the dental profession’s significant role in managing these patients.

A patient brochure, special new articles, two CE courses, and newly released videos are now available by accessing our website. One of the most important pieces the task force developed was a video explaining how to do a proper Oral Cancer Screening. Please make sure to view this. 

We want to thank the ISDS Communications Committee and those who contributed to the Oral Cancer Task Force for developing these essential tools. We will continue to communicate to the membership how important it is for dentists to be considered experts in the early detection of oral cavity cancers.