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COVID-19 Protocol Status Update

ISDS wants to ensure that all members have the most current information readily available.

Although most all dental-related COVID-19 protocols in Illinois and nationally remain unchanged, ISDS wants to ensure that members have the most current information readily available.  Most questions received at the headquarters office are predominately focused on the topic areas listed below and ISDS has included convenient, summary information regarding these common questions.  ISDS has also included links below to more extensive information should it be desired.  Any changes to protocols impacting dentistry will certainly be communicated as they may occur.

Face Coverings

As a healthcare facility, face coverings are still required in the dental office. In February 2022, the Governor did end the indoor face covering mandate in most locations, but not healthcare facilities. To view the most recent Executive Order, please click here.  The current Executive Order is effective through June 25, and as a procedural matter, may be extended for an additional 30-day period of time when the current order expires.

We have also received questions about the types of face coverings to be worn in the office. The CDC has specific guidance on the type of face covering to be worn during dental procedures. Click here to read the CDC guidance.

Vaccination and Testing Requirement

The Executive Order for COVID-19 vaccination and testing for health care employees is still in effect. In late August 2021, Governor Pritzker issued an Executive Order that required healthcare professionals, including dentists and their staff members, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing. This Executive Order has continually been re-issued for healthcare workers and remains in effect through June 25.  As a procedural matter, Executive Orders may be extended for an additional 30-day period of time when the current order expires.

For more detail information about COVID-19 vaccination requirement in Illinois, please refer to the ISDS COVID-19 Resource Information Center. The ISDS COVID-19 Resource Information Center can be accessed by clicking here.

Patient Screening

The CDC still recommends that healthcare facilities need to establish a process to identify anyone entering the facility, regardless of their vaccination status, who has any of the following three criteria so that they can be properly managed:

1) a positive viral test for SARS-CoV-2,
2) symptoms of COVID-19, or
3) close contact with someone with SARS-CoV-2 infection (for patients and visitors) or a higher-risk exposure (for healthcare personnel (HCP).

CDC indicates options could include (but are not limited to): individual screening on arrival at the facility; or implementing an electronic monitoring system in which individuals can self-report any of the above before entering the facility.  Please note that the CDC does specifically indicate for dental that “if a patient has a fever strongly associated with a dental diagnosis (e.g., pulpal and periapical dental pain and intraoral swelling are present) but no other symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are present, dental care can be provided following the practices recommended for routine health care during the pandemic.”

For full details and information, please read the CDC guidance by clicking here.  The CDC contains a section of information towards the bottom of the webpage dedicated to recommendations on “Dental Facilities”.