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Senate Bill 493 Awaits Governors Action

Please read for information regarding Senate Bill 493
SB 493 which passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly and is awaiting action by the Governor would create the Uniform Electronic Transactions in Dental Care Billing Act. This bill if approved and signed by the Governor would require all dental plan carriers and dental care providers to exchange claims and eligibility information electronically using the standard electronic data interchange transaction for claims submissions, Payments, and verification of benefits required under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in order to be compensable by the dental plan carriers.  The provisions in this new Act are effective in 2025 in order to give the Dental Profession and Insurance carriers adequate time to work through the process of implementation. In addition, this new Act provides for limited exemptions to the Act that would be developed and implemented through the administrative rule process. 

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