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ISDS Launches the 2020 Illinois Dentists Salute Program

Illinois Dentists Salute Veterans in Need. Sign up Today!

Member Dentists!
Sign up by calling 800/475-4737 or emailing Misty Glass.

Illinois Dentists Salute Veterans in Need

Veterans of the United States military often struggle with poverty, disabilities and other illnesses.  Neglected dental needs cause unbearable pain, difficulty eating, and life threatening infections spreading from the mouth into the bloodstream. This problem is widespread, and the treatment is underfunded—or not funded at all. Unfortunately, most of our brave veterans return home to discover that they do not qualify for any government coverage for dental services unless they are 100% disabled, a POW, or the dental issue is service-related.

In the U.S., we observe Veteran’s Day each year on November 11.  Member dentists volunteer their services around this date. The Illinois Dentists Salute initiative puts the member’s dental office​ in the driver’s seat at every stage, from scheduling to treatment to follow up.

Help improve the overall health and quality of life for our veterans in need—right in the comfort and convenience of your own dental office.  Your office can participate by providing no-cost, critically-needed dental services to the selfless men and women who have served our country.  

What You Do is Up to You

You choose what treatment you wish to provide—cleanings, restorations, extractions and more!  You determine the priority treatment.  You choose the number of available appointments for veterans as well as the date(s) and times.  You choose how you wish to promote your event.  It’s all up to you. 

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