Membership Categories

Active Member

A dentist licensed to practice in Illinois who is a member in good standing of the Illinois State Dental Society, of one of its component societies, and of the American Dental Association, is classified as an Active member.

Active members in good standing are eligible for election or appointment to any office, committee, council or similar position in ISDS. Active members also receive the Illinois Dental News, may attend any ISDS educational course, and may participate in other Society member services and programs.

Life Member

Life membership in the Illinois State Dental Society is a commendable achievement for many of our dedicated members. An ISDS Life member is classified as any active or retired member in good standing who has maintained 30 consecutive years or a total of 40 non-consecutive years of active and/or retired membership and has attained the age of 65, or any life member of the American Dental Association who is an active member in good standing of ISDS. Life membership becomes effective the calendar year immediately following the year in which the requirements are fulfilled.

Retired Member

To qualify for Retired Member status, an active member must meet two criteria: be a member in good standing, and no longer earn income from the performance of services as a member of the faculty of a dental school, or as a dental administrator or consultant, or as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice dentistry is required. Click here for a copy of the ADA retirement affidavit.

Dental Students

ISDS recognizes the importance and value of involving dental students in organized dentistry activities early in their career, and therefore offers complimentary Society membership to all Illinois dental students. In addition, ISDS and the Chicago Dental Society jointly pay for Illinois dental students to be members of the American Student Dental Association. An ISDS student member may attend any ISDS educational program, receives a subscription to the Illinois Dental News, and may access products and services programs endorsed by ISDS.

Dental Hygiene Member

Any licensed dental hygienist in the state of Illinois is eligible for dental hygiene membership in the Illinois State Dental Society. A dental hygiene member in good standing annually receives a membership card and certificate; subscription to the Illinois Dental News; participation in the Society’s endorsed products and services offerings; and complimentary registration to the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting if registered in November.

Associate Member

As a current active or life member of another state (constituent) dental society of the American Dental Association, other than the Illinois State Dental Society, or a dentist practicing in any country other than the United States who is a member of a recognized dental organization in such country, is eligible for associate membership. An associate member of the Illinois State Dental Society is entitled to admission to any scientific session of ISDS at member rate and can participate in such services as approved by the Board of Trustees. Yearly dues are $50. Please download the application form and submit payment to ISDS.

Office Staff Member

Dental office staff can now take full advantage of everything that an ISDS membership can offer. Office Managers, Dental Assistants, and other staff can join ISDS for $25 a year. Membership includes digital copies of the Illinois Dental News, important ISDS communications, and access to ISDS’s endorsed vendors.

Click here for more information. If you are having multiple staff members join, please make sure that each staff member has their own account. For questions, please contact Danielle Williams, Member Relations Assistant.