COVID-19 Vaccination Information

On April 25th 2021, ISDS reached out to members to complete a follow up survey to assess how many member dentists had received the COVID-19 vaccine. As of May 1, 2021, 94% of ISDS member dentists had received the vaccine. 5% told us that they do not want the vaccine and 1% had not received the vaccine, but did plan on receiving it. 

For those still needing information on how to obtain a vaccination, the State of Illinois has developed a vaccination location resource on their website. Simply input your zip code, city and radius to locate vaccination locations and websites for further information.

11/11/21: Update from the ADA regarding OSHA and CMS vaccine mandates:

Members may download our COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A Flyer by clicking here to print and display in their offices.

More information: