Stay Tuned! The new Sexual Harassment Prevention course should be uploaded soon! 

The ISDS Dental Education Committee has partnered with CE21, a Learning Management System, to house online education courses for the association, which the Board of Trustees approved in June. 

The first course completed is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Course for dentists and hygienists.  The Committee worked with Dr. J. Barry Howell to develop a course for the dental professional.  Dr. Howell is an experienced speaker on detecting and reporting patient abuse and neglect that is seen in the dental office. 

The new state law says, “all persons who hold a professional license issued by the Division and are subject to a continuing education requirement shall compete a one-hour course in sexual harassment training.”  Further explaining that the course shall only be provided by existing Division-approved CE providers (Illinois State Dental Society is an approved provider) and the licensee may count this one-hour course toward the 48 credit hours required for renewal.  All Illinois licensed dental professionals need to take an approved course prior to renewing their license in 2021.