Staff & Headquarters

The Illinois State Dental Society is headquartered in the state's capital city of Springfield. Members are always welcome to visit their dental society headquarters in downtown Springfield.

Illinois State Dental Society
1010 South Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62704

The organization is departmentalized into five key areas:

  • Administration
  • Communications
  • ​Meetings & Membership
  • Government Relations
  • Professional Services

An executive staff member directs the activities of each department, and all directors report to Administration, under the leadership of Executive Director.


Executive Director

​The Executive Director's primary responsibilities include working with the elected leadership of ISDS, developing budgets, staff administration, and overseeing the welfare of the Society's programs and services. This individual frequently represents the Society and its policies to outside interests, including government, media, and public and private agencies. ​The Executive Director is an official spokesperson for ISDS.
Janine Oxencis, Executive Assistant

​Janine coordinates the Board of Trustees meetings, ISDS House of Delegates, and ADA Delegation Caucuses for Illinois. ​Janine also plans the annual President-elect's Conference and the Leadership Retreat, which is held every three years.

  • Board of Trustees
  • House of Delegates
  • ADA Delegation
  • Conference for Presidents-elect
  • Relief Fund
  • Distinguished Member Award
  • Component Services​
misty glass

Misty Glass,  Receptionist

​Misty provides administrative support to all departments.  ​She answers and triages phone calls, greets visitors, delivers mail to staff, and assist the entire office with special projects.



Eric Larson, Director of Finance

​Eric is responsible for all accounting functions of the Society, including consolidation of the annual Society budget, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, meeting expense disbursements, employee benefits, and preparation of monthly and year-end financial statements. ​He also handles the dues installment program each year.


Gina Burlingham, Accounting Administrator

Gina provides ​accounting and administrative support to the Finance department. ​​She is responsible for the financial side of membership, including member dues billings, as well as accounts payables and receivables.



Lee Ann Beane, Director

Lee is responsible for the development and implementation of statewide public relations activities to promote oral health and a positive image for dentistry. She also directs the publication of all major Society communications and serves as Managing Editor of the Society's official publication, the monthly  Illinois Dental News. Contact Lee about:

  • News and editorial items for Illinois Dental News
  • Website
  • PR Programs
  • PANDA® (Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness)

Gloria Pitchford, Administrative Assistant

Gloria assists Lee in implementing programs that enhance the dental profession's image. She also handles classified advertising for the Illinois Dental News and website. Contact Gloria about:

  • National Children's Dental Health Month Ideas and Coloring Contest
  • Flossie, the ISDS Mascot
  • ISDS Film Library
  • Classified Advertising
  • Subscriptions to the Illinois Dental News
  • Expanded Function Courses

Jennifer Walker, Communications and Technology Coordinator

Jennifer's creative talent results in the production of first-class publications and communications by the Society. She is responsible for all printed materials of ISDS, the society's website updates, and social media. Contact Jennifer about:

  • Illinois Dental News Display Advertising
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Website
  • Social Media

Membership & Meetings


Kathy Ridley, Director

Kathy oversees all Society-sponsored dental education programs, including CE courses for dentists and expanded functions classes for dental auxiliaries. Kathy is responsible for membership recruitment and retention activities and managing the membership records, which includes maintaining accurate member records for dues billings and mailings. Kathy also serves as the meeting planner for all ISDS meetings.  She is staff liaison to the Annual Session Planning, Capital Conference, Dental Education, Membership and New Dentist Committees.  Contact Kathy about:

  • Continuing Education
  • Dental Assistant Training
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Dental Student Activities
  • Issues Relating to Newly Practicing Dentists
  • ISDS New Dentist Conference​
  • ISDS Events ​at CDS Midwinter Meeting
  • ISDS Activities ​at ADA Annual Session.
  • ISDS Annual Session
  • ISDS Capital Conference


Alexa Respress, Membership Marketing Coordinator

Coordinates all member recruitment, retention and engagement efforts throughout ISDS providing assistance to membership volunteers and local components.


Kara Manfredo, ​Meetings Coordinator

Kara assists with planning Capital Conference and Annual Session along with registration for these two events.  She also assists components with their local continuing education needs and is the Executive Secretary of G. V. Black District Dental Society.  Please contact Kara about:

  • Registering for Capital Conference, Annual Session, ISDS/Local Component CE Course
  • Annual Session Sponsorship
  • Exhibiting at Annual Session
  • G.V. Black District Dental Society

Danielle Williams, Member​ship ​& Meetings Assistant

Danielle is responsible for the ISDS membership records/database and the administrative responsibilities within the department.  Contact Danielle about:

  • Membership
  • Membership Applications
  • Dues Waivers
  • Retirement Affidavits

Government Relations


Dave Marsh, Director

In coordination with the ISDS legislative team, Dave represents dentistry before the Illinois legislature. He and the Government Relations Committee determine the ISDS legislative agenda each year. Dave also represents the Society before the State Board of Dentistry and other state regulatory bodies, and serves as staff liaison to DENT-IL-PAC, and the Allied Dental Personnel Committee. Contact Dave about: 

  • Illinois Dental Practice Act and Regulations
  • State Legislative and Regulatory Activities
  • DENT-IL-PAC and Governor's Club

Pam Cuffle, Administrative Assistant

Assists with legislative research and monitoring. She also maintains membership records for DENT-IL-PAC and Governor's Club, and handles all mailings related to legislative issues. Contact the Government Relations about: 

  • Joining DENT-IL-PAC 
  • Current Legislation
  • Illinois Dental Practice Act

Professional Services


This Director's responsibilities include monitoring the insurance and managed care industries and serving as liaison to third party payors, employers and unions. ​

  • Access to Care
  • Dental Benefits
  • Dental Lifeline Network
Pam Cuffle also assists​ ​​this individual. She helps manage peer review cases, Access to Care and the Dental Lifeline Network.