Community Grants

The Illinois State Dental Society Foundation will accept applications for the 2015 round of Community Grant Awards until June 13, 2015. The ISDS Foundation anticipates a competitive pool of $50,000 in available funds. The grants are made to organizations that promote and encourage improved oral health and oral health education in Illinois.

2014 Community Grant Winners:

The members and contributors of the Illinois State Dental Society Foundation (ISDSF) certainly create impact in the local areas in which they live and work. Making a huge impact to the Peoria area in June 2014 was the Illinois Mission of Mercy, partially funded by the ISDSF. In addition, your contributions to the ISDSF helped fund seven community grants throughout the State of Illinois making another 4,135 Illinois citizens smile a little brighter. Over 6,000 people who live in this great state are now much healthier because of your gift.


As in past years, every applicant was worthy of funding. Applicants are selected based on a variety of criteria including the expansion of the ISDSF Mission Statement, the project’s ability to increase awareness and/or access to oral health, the quality of their applications, a reasonable budget for the program, potential number of people served, and staff/volunteers available for the project.

The programs selected for 2014 are:

  • Community Health Care, Inc. (CHC), Davenport, IA ($2,500): To help with the distribution of basic dental supplies and oral education materials to the medically and dentally underserved children in CHC’s service area.

  • Dental Lifeline Network – Illinois, Northbrook ($7,500): The grant will help support a program to restore the oral health of 475 Illinoisans who have disabilities or who are elderly and unable to afford or otherwise access dental treatment.

  • Friedman Place, Chicago ($5,000): Enable blind and visually impaired residents of Friedman Place to receive dental care and to encourage and support dental hygiene among residents. Training of the healthcare staff on how to best educate and train residents to perform basic ongoing dental care on their own and accept the services of a dentist.

  • Hancock County Health and Wellness Coalition, Carthage ($5,000): A program to provide dental care and preventive services to preK-8 school children in Hancock County, to provide oral health education and to encourage the establishment of a dental home where they and their families can receive continuing high quality dental care.

  • Mayslake Village, Oak Brook ($5,000): To provide preventative, repair and advanced dental work at little or no cost to the 530 low-income seniors that reside at Mayslake Village. The fund supports the ISDSF’s priorities of supporting access to emergency care for a disadvantaged segment of the population and increasing access to care for low-income individuals.

  • Noll Dental Clinic, The Hope Institute for Children and Families, Springfield ($5,000): To address the specific oral health need of access to oral healthcare services for children with special needs by offering hospital sedation dentistry at Noll Dental Clinic. This grant is to be used solely for supplies.

  • Zion Benton Childrens Service, Zion ($5,000): Funding to support clinic staffing for a one month period with the goal of ensuring access to dental care for low-income children living in the Zion Benton community.

Applications for the next round of grants will be available in the spring of 2015. The ISDS Foundation Community Grants initiative, began in 2006, is made possible because of the generous support of Illinois dentists and other ISDS Foundation donors.