Member Benefits

Membership in the Illinois State Dental Society is the key that unlocks the door to a wide array of valuable member benefits. The range of programs and services that ISDS is able to offer members continues to expand each year. These member benefits not only equip dentists with sound practice management tools, but also with the information, resources and support necessary for practice success in a highly competitive environment. Many of the benefits are also available to our dental hygiene and dental laboratory technician members.

Some programs, such as insurance, financial services and office products, involve the Society’s endorsement of certain vendors and their products or services. Member participation in these programs helps supplement the cost of annual membership dues, and allows ISDS to continue providing important services that our members have come to expect.

Other member benefits—like continuing education and meetings, award-winning publications, legislative advocacy, public relations, and programs for specific segments of the membership— are planned, implemented, and managed jointly by ISDS staff and those members who have chosen the path of committee involvement in their dental society.