IMEP created the Emergency Response System (ERS) to efficiently & effectively assist dentists prepare your office for a medical emergency. The ERS uses a comprehensive, systematic team approach for medical emergency preparedness. It allows you to train current staff and easily integrate new members into the team. It was created by doctors for rapid response and victim-side assistance during medical emergencies prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The ERS serves as the only step-by-step checklist to get the team through a crisis and includes the Emergency Action Guide with 4 workbooks, monthly mock drills, Emergency Treatment record and up to 53 hours of CE for EACH staff member in the office (up to 20 people). While we can not prevent an emergency or predict the outcome, we can help you prepare your office. Dentists and their office have two options toward medical emergencies: Be Prepared or Not, there is no in-between. Your patients deserve the best, Be Prepared with the ERS.

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