Mercer Advisors is a Total Wealth Management firm dedicated to providing high-net-worth clients with the best institutional-grade investment strategies and financial management available.

Today, the world is changing faster than ever before. Life is racing by and as a result, most of us are ‘time broke’. At Mercer Advisors, we can help you. From investing to managing taxes to estate planning, and most everything in-between, we provide a single source of advice and professional services to manage all of your financial needs. Whatever life throws at you, we will be there­by your side.

The Mercer Advisors value proposition is built on three fundamentals: 1) a fiduciary standard of care­in other words, placing your best interests at the forefront of all that we do, 2) the depth and breadth of our collective financial expertise, and 3) nearly three decades of experience helping clients, like you, live fully and retire successfully­on your own terms.

From our local Scottsdale branch to our headquarters in Santa Barbara, we all are committed to serving you to reach your definition of financial success. Simple or complex, we do it all.

Gain Clarity
Do you have clarity regarding the impact your financial decisions have on both your everyday life and your long­term aspirations? How about partner alignment regarding money and finances?
Achieving a sense of financial clarity (a.k.a. the ‘big picture’) affords you tremendous confidence in making informed financial decisions. These should be specific to your circumstances and long-term goals.

Access Insight
Do you have a multi-disciplinary team that provides you with a single voice of expertise, specific to you and your unique objectives?
Access to comprehensive financial strategies­rooted in the latest academic and industry findings­further enhances your long-term financial outlook.

Cultivate Partnership
Is your advisor aware of your hopes and dreams? Is your relationship collaborative, trust­based, and focused on you?
Your advisor should truly know you, not just your finances, to best help you navigate through the unique, and sometimes unexpected, phases of your investment lifecycle.

Explore Potential

Clarity, insight, and partnership can afford numerous financial possibilities. Mercer Advisors currently manages more than $5.3* billion in client assets. ISDS endorses Mercer Advisors for wealth management services. Learn more about the advantages our clients enjoy by scheduling a one-hour complimentary wealth consultation.

Call Today for Your Complimentary Consultation

Our complimentary Wealth Management Consultation is structured to provide a glimpse into how our team of experts can help you establish clarity regarding your finances, investments, retirement plan, and other components of your financial life.

Download our Wealth Management Consultation Flyer

Your complimentary Wealth Management Consultation may include:

  • Discovery and review meetings
  • Comprehensive investment portfolio design analysis
  • In-depth retirement plan review
  • Financial planning recommendations

Your Mercer Advisors Representative
Heather Conklin, CFP®
Managing Director, Chicago Branch

*Data as of December 31, 2013
Mercer Global Advisors Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and delivers all investment-related services. Mercer Advisors Inc. is the parent company of Mercer Global Advisors Inc. and is not involved with investment services. All legal advice, services, and document creation are provided through Advanced Services Law Group. Mercer Advisors is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or services. ©2014 Mercer Advisors. All Rights Reserved.

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