Dentists Support Program

This program provides a referral system for dentists who are struggling with the problem of alcohol or substance abuse and are in need of treatment assistance. Also overseen by the ISDS Foundation, the Dentists Support Program offers assistance to a dentist, family member, staff member, or friend by contacting ISDS and requesting help. When an individual contacts the dental society and indicates that the matter includes a substance abuse problem, the caller is transferred to a staff member who will attempt to get a first name and phone number where the caller may be reached. A dentist member of the Dentists Support Program will place a call to the individual, obtain some basic information, and refer the caller to a professional counseling and treatment center experienced with drug and alcohol abuse assistance. The system respects the confidentiality of the process. Call ISDS toll-free at 800/475-4737 and ask to speak to Lisa Fowler.