Wall of Wines

WALL OF WINES”Returns at the 2013 Annual Session

During the wine tasting and dinner event “Behind the Cellar Door: Uncorking the Wine Mystery” on September 19th, the ever-popular Wall of Wines will be held again. Besides raising funds for the many good programs of the ISDS Foundation, this periodic event brings a mixture of fun, mystery and excitement as participants select a brown bag holding a surprise bottle of wine. For a mere $20 donation to the Foundation, you take a chance on getting a very, very nice wine worth much more than your contribution.

Take a draw for one of 80 bottles of foreign and domestic labels, and enjoy the fun and excitement as you reveal your selection.

According to Foundation president, Dr. Keith Dickey, the “Wall of Wines” has proven to be a popular event when it’s been held in the past, while also helping to raise additional funds for ongoing efforts to fund community access grants, scholarships for students, oral health education, Mission of Mercy along with other ISDS Foundation programs.

You, too, can be part of this entertaining event by donating a couple of bottles. To do that, contact the Foundation at foundation@isds.org or call 800-475-4737