A Case Today For Dental Education

Please join us in pledging your support for the future of dental education in Illinois.

Monies raised through this $2 million campaign will be used to build an endowment to support dental education at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine.

ISDS member dentists are asked to pledge the amount of one dental treatment case (minimum $1,000) each year to the campaign through 2014. Donations can be made directly from the dentist to the ISDS Foundation or patients can donate the fee that they would pay for treatment directly to the ISDS Foundation, rather than paying the dentist.

What is A Case Today For Dental Education program?
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Encourage your patients to donate to the program! Use the following items in your practice to educate the public.

The ISDS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible.

These individuals have pledged their support for the future of dental education in Illinois:
Dr Wells A Anderson
Dr Mira Andre
Dr Vincent R Arrigo
Dr Randal P Ashton
Indian Dental Assoc of Illinois
Dr Bradley W Barnes
Dr Terry L Barnfield
Dr Darryll L Beard
Dr R S Beavers
Dr Vincent E Biank
Dr Bryan C Blew
Dr Michael E Bond
Dr Donald J Bonomo
Dr Susan Bordenave Bishop
Dr Kurt T Bowers
Dr William J Burns
Dr Samuel J Cascio
Dr Vincent A Chiara
Dr Dominic Cittadino
Dr Maria F Corpuz-Bato
Dr Ralph M Cress
Dr Charles S Czerepak
Dr Michael D Danner
Dr James A Day
Wabash River Dental Society
Dr Keith W Dickey
Dr Susan Becker Doroshow
Dr Trucia A Drummond
Dr Robert F Duffy
Dr Michael G Durbin
Dr Curtis D Fauble
Dr Loren J Feldner
Dr Dante J Fiandaca
Dr Phillip J Fijal
Dr John S Fox
Dr James P Frett
Dr David J Fulton
Dr James L Gehrs
Dr Candice L Gibbons
Dr Wayne S Grissom
Dr Joseph F Hagenbruch
Dr Michael Y Harada
Dr Rosanne Harrington
Dr Thomas J Hartog
Dr Mary J Hayes
Dr Nancy E Hijjawi
Dr Brandon Hissong
Dr Charles R Horin
Dr J Barry Howell
Dr Mark J Humenik
Dr Harry W Humphreys
Dr Robert S Hyten
Dr Nezar A Kassem
Dr Thomas J King Jr
Dr Douglas D Kirk
Dr Elvin M Krabill

Dr David S Kuban
Dr Steven T Kuhn
Dr David P Kumamoto
Dr Christopher Larsen
Dr Charles A LoGiudice
Dr Timothy J Loughran
Dr Robert J Manasse
Dr James M Maragos
Dr John C Mason
Dr Susan V Mayer
Dr LuAnne McClean
Dr Mart G Mc Clellan
Dr Annette Mehren
Dr Michael D Meier
Dr Kenneth D Meiss
Dr Robert J Michet
Dr Marjorie Miller
Dr G R Moon
Dr John F Moore
Dr John E Murphy Jr
Dr Kirk W Noraian
Dr Larry W Osborne
Dr Paul A Palliser
Dr William L Parker
Dr Charles L Proesel, Jr
Mr Robert Rechner
Dr George A Rotramel
Dr Cynthia M Sachs
Dr Elizabeth B Sacrey
Dr D Milton Salzer
Dr Norman L Schutt
Dr Timmothy J Schwartz
Dr Debra M Schwenk
Dr Jane W Selbe
Dr Alan J Shapiro
Dr Timothy W Sheehan
Dr Jeffrey C Socher
Dr Brian F Soltys
Dr Daniel W Steadman
Dr Steven J Stone
Dr Thomas E Sullivan
Dr Hanne T Sweetnam-Boyd
Dr Richard C Talbot
Ms Linda Thomas
Dr William J Tonne
Dr Perry K Tuneberg
Dr Betsy Ulrich
Dr Joseph G Unger
Dr Victoria A Ursitti
Dr Kamal M Vibhakar
Dr Brandon Wainwright
Dr Frederick P Waldschmidt
Dr Sidney D Wessol
Dr John R Williams
Dr Mark N Williams
Dr Mark D Wright
Dr George R Zehak